Nordschleife 2007 final v2.21.104.8

Nordschleife 2007 final for GTR2

GTR2-PnG3-GTL Nordschleife 2007 Final v2.21.104.8

revised by GTR233

Disk space requirement : 157 Mo

This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver v21.07 (update your archiver if it tells you that the archive is corrupted)

Description :

Original rF track was created by Team (aka NOS Development Team) then converted to GTL/GTR2 by derDumeKlemmer for KBB and finally optimized by me.

– updated AI
– reduced most headlights flickering by night…but there are still some here and there

– fixed trees
– updated lighting
– replaced zeppelin

– added Mojo66 fall/fog versions
– added quick conversion folders for either PnG3 (only LODs) or GT Legends

– updated second turn to give wider space to AI and to avoid crashes
– fixed some flickering textures
– added GTR233 dynamic clouds (HQ Anniversary Patch v16.0 is required to be enabled via GTR2_SETUP.CMD)

– fixed few trees
– fixed a banner overlapping guardrail
– added Sabine Schmitz kurve (delete achschild.gmt if you prefer original 2007) + start timer banner (if you prefer fake timer then delete TIMER.DDS)

– fixed more trees
– fixed misaligned speaker near 24h/VLN start
– more accurate Sabine Shmitz KURVE + new GREEN HELL billboard (thanks to Please Stop This for pics)

– reduced rain reflection flickering on external cams
– fixed some trees
– fixed some flickering textures

v2.21.104.8 (released on 27.09.2022)
– removed tolls at tourist layouts because of AI crashes (you can restore them by deleting tptick.dof.gmt) (thanks to blackskull101 for reporting)
– fixed hill trees shadow bug when sun is low
– fixed more trees
– updated nightlights and set them for all layouts (original is for 24h only)

Note about the version number:

– means it is based on original Team v2.21 (so more up to date than older v2.03)
– vx.xx.104.xx means it is based on derDumeKlemmer GTR2 conversion for KBB v1.04
– means it is my 5th update at RaceDepartment


– Copy NoS2007 folder in GameDataLocations directory

INSTALL FOR PnG3 (LODs pics only)

– Copy NoS2007 folder in GameDataLocations directory
– enter NoS2007 folder
– extract [PnG3 LODs].7z archive directly in NoS2007 folder and overwrite all


– Copy NoS2007 folder in GameDataLocations directory
– enter NoS2007 folder
– extract [GT Legends quick conversion].7z archive directly in NoS2007 folder and overwrite all

Usage Disclaimer :

This is a non-profit work provided free of charge “as is”, without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, use it at your own risk : author(s) will not be held responsible for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly by the use of files included in this mod. You are permitted to install and play this mod for private home use only, any other uses are forbidden. It is forbidden to convert/modify/distribute any materials, or use it as part of another mod without authors written permission which cannot be ceded to a third party.

The original source is only available at RACEDEPARTMENT.COM

Credits :

derDumeKlemmer for GTR2/PnG3/GTL NoS2007 Final conversion v1.04
Mojo66 for fall/fog versions idea
Please Stop This for Sabine Schmitz logos
Shovas for advices
Team for original rf v2.21 FINAL (see docs)

GTR233, 2022.

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

The N├╝rburgring is a 150,000 person capacity motorsports complex located in the town of N├╝rburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It features a Grand Prix race track built in 1984, and a much longer Nordschleife “North loop” track which was built in the 1920s around the village and medieval castle of N├╝rburg in the Eifel mountains. The north loop is 20.8┬ákm (12.9┬ámi) long and has more than 300 metres (1,000 feet) of elevation change from its lowest to highest points. Jackie Stewart nicknamed the old track “The Green Hell”.

Circuit N├╝rburgring-2013.svg

Originally, the track featured four configurations: the 28.265┬ákm (17.563┬ámi)-long Gesamtstrecke (“Whole Course”), which in turn consisted of the 22.810┬ákm (14.173┬ámi) Nordschleife (“North Loop”), and the 7.747┬ákm (4.814┬ámi) S├╝dschleife (“South Loop”). There also was a 2.281┬ákm (1.417┬ámi) warm-up loop called Zielschleife (“Finish Loop”) or Betonschleife (“Concrete Loop”), around the pit area.

Several touring car series still compete on the Nordschleife, using either only the simple 20.8 km (12.9 mi) version with its separate small pit lane, or a combined 24.4 km (15.2 mi)-long track that uses a part of the original modern F1 track (without the Mercedes Arena section, which is often used for support pits) plus its huge pit facilities. Entry-level competition requires a regularity test (GLP) for street-legal cars. Two racing series (RCN/CHC and VLN) compete on 15 Saturdays each year, for several hours.

The annual highlight is the 24 Hours N├╝rburgring weekend, held usually in mid-May, featuring 220 cars ÔÇô from small 100┬áhp (75┬ákW) cars to 700┬áhp (520┬ákW) Turbo Porsches or 500┬áhp (370┬ákW) factory race cars built by BMW, Opel, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz, over 700 drivers (amateurs and professionals), and up to 290,000 spectators.

more infos



Size: 131 MB
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10 Thoughts to “Nordschleife 2007 final v2.21.104.8”

  1. Beco1

    I want to repeat my report of AI crashing into the wall of the commandposts when they drive out of the box. They all do and I don’t think that is supposed to be like that!? I hope this reaches the creators of this amazing track! Thank you again for your work!

    1. blackskull101

      Yes, I reported that to GTR233 (who is making the updates of the track now) at Race Department about a month ago and for now the only solution is to turn off the Autopit in the plr file (Autopit=”0″). Make a backup copy of your plr file first!

      1. blackskull101

        Ah, sorry, you are talking about the AI leaving the pits, don’t mind my previous comment.

  2. nemo166

    There is a bug with this mod in GTR2. The car gets stuck when leaving the pits. Love the track,but it’s unplayable as it is.

    1. blackskull101

      This is a common problem with mod tracks and GTR2 autopit option.
      The way to fix it is to disable autopit and drive the car manually out of the pits.
      To do so open UserData\ and find .PLR file. Open it with some kind of text editor – Notepad for example – and under [ DRIVING AIDS ] find the line
      and change it to
      and save changes.

    2. Beco1

      Well what I have noticed is that AI cars crash into the pitwall when leaving the box. Maybe this could be worth a look too.;-)

  3. Beco1

    @ Makers of this masterpiece: Thx very much encore une fois and I have a suggestion: I have edited Loadingscreems amd added the names “Stefan Bellof” and “Sabine Schmitz” to the correspoding points on the map. Unfortunately it does not look too good and with better prog it sure would be better. So here it is and maybe worth a look and maybe editing your Loadingscreens for a further update. Horrido!├╝rburgring.7z/file

  4. effjottess

    is there a difference between this version and the 2.21.rc4?
    Thanks in advance


    1. Beco1

      Yes. This is the very latest version with new updates.

  5. Beco1

    Thx so much. New awesome version also incl. “Sabine Schmitz-Kurve”. Means a lot.

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