Om Weg v2.0

Om Weg for GTR2

Track created by Velo

Track Infos :

“Suddenly I was tired of braking” – Accelerate, brake for the next corner, accelerate, brake… I just wanted to drive somewhere, at maximum speed. See what that car can do, how it behaves at max speed, and if you can have good racing at max speed.

So I built a 47 Km long racetrack. Ok, there are some corners, it is a closed circuit, but they are high speed corners. More like bends in the road. I used landmarks as apex markers. And you will need them, those bends can surprise you. Warning signs indicate when one is coming up. There is room for 50* cars. Real fun to do drafting, high speed tuning and endurance racing  at those speeds. And strangely relaxing at the same time. Until the next bend.”

This is an experimental track, its sole purpose is to race at maximum speeds for a prolonged time. It has a well made racing surface and is fully functional with working start and pit lights.


Many new objects, a 100 car grid*, rain reflections, and a HUGE improvement: No More Flickering Headlights !

That means night time driving is much more realistic and immersive now. Daytime driving too btw., for the new road side objects improve the sense of speed. A lot of work went into tuning the day-night transitions and the light and texture colors to make the scenery look real. All in all, this “update” is more like a complete rebuild. Almost everything was changed, except for the track itself. It still is 47km long, same shape and layout.

Enjoy this new Om Weg version 2.0!

ps :”omweg” means “detour” btw. More precisely: to take another road, usually longer, to get to the same destination. “Weg” means road, “Om” could be the meditative sound, so that makes it a Zen Road. It all makes sense 😉



Ehhh… except for 2 spots where the headlights turn off completely. But by coincidence it is for the better. One spot is at “Challenge Point” -to make it even more challenging when the lights go out in that tricky bend. For some strange reason streetlights DO work there, so I placed a few there. The other spot is at “Stoned Henge” where the lights go out briefly. It is understandable that it happens there at this mysterious place.

– * 100 car grid. It depends on your system and mods how well it works, but it is possible! Ask DD! 😉
– expanded pit area
– pacecar (you can now do a 47 km formation lap…)
– optimized AI path
– rain reflections
– gas station
– 16 alternating hitchhikers
– distant city, lit at night
– distant powerplant
– pipeline
– garbage dumps
– unfinished highway section
– overhead highway signs
– working highway lights
– faded ad wall
– lucky bamboo lake
– rusting supertanker in that lake
– animated pump jacks
– old service road
– windmill test site
– minimum maintenance road
– abandoned road works
– protected orchard
– unfortunate treehugger
– motel
– permanently parked relic
– dark mini forest
– more road textures
– new terrain shape at challenge point
– road marks and tall road signs indicate straight lengths
– overhead speed signs (lit at night) indicate bends
– double lines in the bends
– tweaked light colors
– optimizations on track surface, textures and shadows


Replace the default sky textures. Lots of empty space here so the sky becomes a major part of the scenery.

I use these but there are more to find:

– Hudson hi res Sky Textures v1_01 by Louike:
– night sky by KesslerB

Change the line in your file (under LocalCam=COCKPIT) to this:

OrientationRate=(10.000000, 50.000000, 1.000000)

The car will visibly react better to the road surface, it will give you a “motion cockpit” view.

thanks BTB and XPackers :

Bob Pritchard Tree collection
Jay Great Britain
Raceking Savannah Grasslands
ennisfargis Rural Australia
Mauro Torena MauroPack
Chyva extras
Dosgraphix basic city xpack v1
delu77 European_Road_Elements

Please respect my work. Don’t rehost, plunder, convert or mod unless granted my permission. Thank you.


1. delete “Omweg.hat” (in “GTR2\UserData\LOG\HAT”).
2. delete the old “Omweg” folder and extract the new one into “GTR2\GameData\Locations”.

You will find “Om Weg” in your tracklist. Loading the 47KM track the first time will take a while !



Size: 54 MB
Version: 2.0
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