Osella PA20 TR2 Cup v1.0

Osella PA20 TR2 Cup for GTR2

GTR2 conversion of the current Version 1.5.2 by merlin75

Thanks to drw for the permission to convert this great mod.


– PAUL PANTELIMON – original creator of the main 3D MODEL
– GTR2 physic by merlin75
– The sounds are taken and edited from BMW_320_E21 mod by DMATZIES
– Bergrennen Skins by Houfi
– Weidinger Motorsport by xoa

Car Infos from Wiki (translated from german) :

Sports car races were and are the mainstay of Osella Corse. The cars were used by the factory team and by private customers in various classes, especially in the European Sports Car Championship and in Italian and European mountain races. To distinguish Osellas Formula racing car, the sports car the name PA, followed by a one or two-digit number, which designates the respective type closer.

Osella’s first proprietary design, the 1971 Osella Abarth PA1, was still largely based on Abarth components. With the PA1 could 1973 decide their team rating for themselves. The 1975 released Osella PA3 should characterize the image of Osella sports prototypes up to and including the model PA9 from 1989. The body shape was developed only cautiously and remained current for almost 15 years. These cars dominated the mountain races throughout Europe in the 1980s. Mauro Nesti won from 1983 to 1988 six European champion title on Osella PA9. Herbert Stenger was in 1984 on Osella PA7 and in 1985 and 1986 on PA7 / 9 Vice European Champion.

Individual vehicles, especially some PA9 models, found their way beyond the second, launched in 1977 CanAm series. Finally, an Osella PA8 with 2-liter BMW Formula 2 was used by Scuderia Torino Corse for Mark Thatcher and Lella Lombardi at the 1980 Le Mans 24 Hours. The car dropped out after 157 of 338 laps.

After the Formula 1 exit Osella focused again on the sports prototypes. In 1990, the Osella PA9 / 90 presented a fundamentally modified Group C3 mining car, with which Pancho Egozkue became European Champion in 1993 and 1994. The most successful Osella model is undoubtedly the PA20S. Fabio Danti (1996), Pasquale Irlando (1997-99), Franz Tschager (2000-2002), Denny Zardo (2003), and Giulio Regosa (2004) won the European Championship with this model.

In 2009, Osella offered the types PA20, PA21 and PA27 in different engines and equipment variants for various racing series. The vehicles are usually used in class CN (production sports cars). The latest model is the Osella FA30. This vehicle is powered by a Zytek eight-cylinder and is intended to represent a combination of sports car and formula vehicle. It is Osella’s answer to the increasing success of Formula 3000 vehicles in mountain races. Simone Faggioli won the FA30 from 2009 to 2013 five times in a row, the European mountain championship in the class of racing cars.


simply copy all the files into your X:\GTR2\GAMEDATA folder.


It’s not allowed to host this mod on any other site.
Changing or modifying any of the included parts is also not allowed.
If you want to use the car in a different mod or change anything ask for permission first.

Enjoy 🙂


Size: 61 MB
Version: 1.0

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