Porsche 911 Turbo Cup v1.0

Porsche 911 Turbo Cup for GTR2

Mod created by papagis

this version is full standalone (no GTL-GTR2 mod needed) incl. new classes & sound-files !

Credits :

Scca1981 for the GTL to GTR2 mod (without his GREAT work none of this would be possible).
Crocko 05 for the engine.
Simbin for the GTL and GTR2 racing sims.
http://www.racingsportscars.com/ for tons of information.


Porsche board decided to celebrate the 35 years of the first turbo 911, so they invited some of the most successful drivers from 70s- mid 80s to participate (all were driving Porsches and had very successful seasons or results in Daytona 24hrs or Lemans 24hrs). The result of this was that 84 of them agreed to take part in such an event (yes, all are young and they all live – dont ask how). Since they were so many more than expected, they decided to make a 3-class championship (TC1, TC2, TC3). The cars used are 911 turbos (of course…) but only the chassis remains from the legendary car.

Almost everything else is heavily modified as the drivers requested. Of course MANY famous companies applied to get a sponsorship in such a competitive championship. Drivers suits and helmets painted in car’s color and sponsors plus every car has the driver’s name and country flag on the back window.



This is a fictional 3-class, 84-car championship for all Porsche enthusiasts.

TC1 class : 573hp @ 7000rpm – 499ft/lb @ 5500rpm
TC2 class : 488hp @ 7000rpm – 425ft/lb @ 5500rpm
TC3 class : 412hp @ 7000rpm – 359ft/lb @ 5500rpm

– modern physics, suspension and brakes (different for each class)
– improved aerodynamics
– different tires (same for TC-1 and TC-2)
– ten types of tires (3x Good Year, 2x Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli, Yokohama, Hankook, Bridgestone)
– six-speed racing gearboxes
– 3.3lt turbo engines
– car interior differs per class (same for TC-1 and TC-2)
– all cars come with low and hi-res liveries (body and cockpit)
– driver bodies and helmets painted in each cars colors and sponsors
– balanced AI driver files
– Porsche Turbo cup expo floor
– three championships (one for each class) based on the official 2004 season, so no circuits needed.
– showroom stats
– stand-alone mod

Fixes :

– rear right caliper material
– working interior banner
– body and window masks
– removed unecessary files

What’s new :

– red brake calipers
– polished exhausts
– all tire compounds (soft, medium, hard, intermediate, wet, mosoon) and their treads for each type
– window design and masks, body masks
– speedometer, tachometer (removed the blue sticker too) and motec
– removed the tape on the front lights (not seen at night racing too)
– same front bumper for all cars (style 2 for extra downforce)
– driver names and their country flags on rear window
– modern helmets
– new recaro racing seat
– brake disks
– reworked tires to get closer to the real thing (easier to drift and more forgiving)


Place the GameData folder included into your GTR2 main-directory (for example X:/GTR2),
allow to overwrite with “YES ALL” when asked – done.

Feel free to host or convert these files as long as the readme.txt included

(Sorry for my english)



Size: 160 MB
Version: 1.0
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