Porsche 911 Turbo Street Mod v1.0

Porsche 911 Turbo Street Mod for GTR2

Mod created by papagis

Credits :

Original Model for GTL by SimBin

Car History :

In 1974 Porsche introduced the first production turbocharged 911. Although called simply Porsche 911 Turbo in Europe, it was marketed as Porsche 930 (930 being its internal type number) in North America. The body shape is distinctive thanks to wide wheel-arches to accommodate the wide tires, and a large rear spoiler often known as a “whale tail” on the early cars, and “tea-tray” on the later ones. Starting out with a 3.0 L engine 260 PS (256 hp/191 kW), these early cars are known for their exhilarating acceleration coupled with challenging handling characteristics and extreme turbo lag.

For 1978, capacity rose to 3.3 L 300 PS (296 hp/221 kW), and an intercooler was added which was placed under the rear spoiler. Production figures of the basic 930 soon qualified it for FIA Group 4 competition, with the racing version called the Porsche 934 of 1976. Many participated at Le Mans and other races including some epic battles with the BMW 3.0 CSL “Batmobile”. The wilder FIA Group 5 version called Porsche 935 evolved from the 2.1 L RSR Turbo of 1974. Fitted with a slope nose, the 500+ PS car was campaigned in 1976 by the factory, winning the world championship title.

Private teams went on to win many races, like Le Mans in 1979, and continued to compete successfully with the car well into the 1980s until the FIA and IMSA rules were changed.

Mod Infos :

Standalone mod

All drivers from FIA GT 1997 championship (911 GT1 – not so succesfull year)

What’s new:

* Two seat cockpit
* Genuine Porsche 911 turbo rims (black and silver)
* No decals on tires (street)
* New body and window masks (Nothing on the windows)
* No interior banners
* Removed motec, some interior lights and stuff that not existed in the street version
* Removed all roll-bars from cockpit
* Reworked exhausts – two of them in the left (like the original) with seperate smoke and backfire for each
* Added original 911 turbo speedometer, tachometer (removed the sticker) and clock
* Added tires with all compounds
* Added black interior
* Added car audio
* Reworked engine and gears to much the original (5,4sec to 100 km/h, 260kmh top speed)
* Reworked Steering wheel
* Added street number plates
* Low and hi-res liveries
* Removed unecessary files

Change-log :

Version 1.1 :
– includes gdb files

Version 1.2 :
– corrected file structure

Version 1.3 :
– corrected rear tyre distance from the ground (thanks to the Brace)
– little more power at low rpm
– fixed audio file (changed to 996GT3RS)

Install :

Place the GameData folder included into your GTR2 main-directory (for example X:/GTR2),
allow to overwrite with “YES ALL” when asked – done.

Have fun,


Size: 17 MB
Version: 1.3
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  1. Tranquilized

    Feels quite ok, but sounds are missing.

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