RMi Test Plaza v1.0

RMi Test Plaza for GTR2

Track created by RMi

Based on an original mesh and idea from “afdelta”, of the rFactor Test Track.

Track Infos :

R. Stratton has highly modified this track into a fantasy dream high performance test facility. With the addition of the 15mi banked high-speed oval, skidpad and other goodies, it is sure to find a use in your track selection for superior performance and drive testing.

While a complete fantasy, and completly unfinished, we present it to the community for your enjoyment.

We have made every effort to contact “afdelta” with no response, and no forum activities for over a year. We hope he has no problem with this release based on his outstanding work. Old loading screen included.

There are bugs…(we know about most lol).

The loading time is quite long – go meanwhile outside or read a book 🙂


RMi Release Group
Realistic Modders inc.


Size: 33 MB
Version: 1.0
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