Saleen Mustang GT2 1997 LM Teams v1.0

Saleen Mustang GT2 1997 LM Teams for GTR2

created by HansKindler

Saleen Mustang GT2 Le Mans 1997, Team #66 and 67.

This are Addon Teams for the FIA GT 1997 Mod

Team Infos :

I wanted to see this car in a virtual Le Mans race, so i create one. Now, i’ve got two of them, but i can only drive one at the time. So i will share the other with you. Just joking, you get both. 😉

I’ve added a expo floor, cause the car did’nt had one.


The FIA GT 1997 Mod is needed !
Just copy the included gamedata folder into your GTR2 folder.
The Saleen_Mustang.cas will be overwritten for the new expo floor.

additional infos:

both cars did’nt finish the Le Mans race.
#66 completed only 28 laps, then the car had electrical failure;
#67 completed 133 laps, then it losing a wheel;


to wildman_rf for the FIA GT 1997 mod

Have fun



Size: 5 MB
Version: 1.0
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