Sardian Park SCGT v1.0

Sardian Park SCGT for GTR2

rebuilt for GTR2 by ZWISS


Fictional track created for Sportscar GT by ISI
Conversion to rFactor by Andy Glenn and Bud Lucas with PhilRob and Jose Swervo
Updated V2 for GTL, rFactor and GTR2 by PhilRob
GTR2 style LODS & trackmap by FrankyBB
SimBin for some objects and textures
Completely rebuilt in 3DSMAX by ZWISS

Track Infos :

Here is the third fictional track from SCGT, completely rebuild in 3DS MAX.
Thanks to Philrob to allow me to use his updated conversions as a basis.

– completely rebuild the track in 3DS MAX, inclusive new fences and walls, new tirewalls, etc.
– fixed the AIW (there was no second sector in the WP’s)
– added more starting positions, rain reflection, animated marshalls, working start lights,
– I tried to change the CAM file a bit, but I am not that good at CAMs
– I also redid many textures and materials, but tehre is still room for improvement

Known Issues :

I will add real marshall posts and better textures for the adds in an update.
More multimapping and more trackside objects to come…



Size: 17 MB
Version: 1.0
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