Sardian Heights Street v1.0

Sardian Heights Street for GTR2

including Long & Short Layout

Credits :

Original track created by ISI for rFactor

GTL / GTR2 Conversion done by drEdOp

Track Infos :

Sardian Heights Street is a fictional created, temporary street circuit, located in Georgia, USA. Included are two layouts (short with 1,35 km and long with 2,48 km).

Features :

* Rain reflections
* Animated marshals
* New AIW files for both Layouts as the default rFactor one’s had problems in GTR2

Known Issues:

* If driving with rain, then when you are inside the tunnel (in the Long Layout) the rain still drops inside the tunnel. As far as I know, this is a generic GTR2 issue and not a track issue. Actually there is no 3d rain falling in the track, instead it is like a picture just in front of your driving view. So wherever you are, either on the road, under a tunnel or inside a building the same rain image keeps on falling.

* The AI still needs improvements, but at least now the AI cars don’t crash on any corner at all (unless they’re trying to pass another car), they pit in without problems and they don’t crash when they pit out. If someone can make even a little better AIW file than mine, then please do so for the benefit of us all.

* It is recommended to race with a Standing Start. If you choose a Rolling one, then because of the narrowness of the road the AI cars don’t have enough space for the outside and the inside pace line, so they crash against each other and on the corners a lot. This applies the most for the Long layout.

* If you insist to choose a Rolling start, then if you start 1st on the grid, for a strange reason you get all the time a message that you are ahead of the car you should be following and to stay behind the pace car. Just ignore it and continue. As soon as the pace lap comes to the end and the safety car goes into the pits, when you reach the starting line the green flag will occur. A better way is during the pace lap to give the control to the AI (or to skip the pace lap) and you won’t get that message again! Pretty strange indeed !


Just drop the contents of the .rar file into your GTR2\GameData\Locations folder.

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Size: 17 MB
Version: 1.0
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