Sebring Raceway 70s v1.0

Sebring Raceway 70s for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion and revised by motorFX

Credits :

– Based on the GPL Sebring1967 track as converted to F1C by GregDunn and further modified for F1C by NormHart
– Converted to rFactor by Algis, modified for rFactor by motorfx and NormHart CSGT
– some objects supplied by Uzzi, NickdeFender, VLM – zepplin, James Burroughs – Ferris Wheel
– AIW and CAMS by TaufikP/motorfx

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

Sebring International Raceway is a road course auto racing facility in the southeastern United States, located near Sebring, Florida.

Sebring (pronounced “sea-bring”) Raceway is one of the oldest continuously operating race tracks in the U.S., its first race being run in 1950. Sebring is one of the classic race tracks in North American sports car racing, and plays host to the 12 Hours of Sebring.

The raceway occupies a portion of Sebring Regional Airport, an active airport for private and commercial traffic that was originally built as Hendricks Army Airfield, a World War II training base for the U.S. Army Air Forces.

Sebring Raceway occupies the site of Hendricks Army Airfield, a training base for B-17 pilots in operation from 1941 to 1946. After the war, Russian-American aeronautical engineer Alec Ulmann was seeking sites for converting military aircraft to civilian use when he discovered potential in Hendricks’ runways and service roads to stage a sports car endurance race similar to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, a race Ulmann was inspired to somewhat re-create in the United States. Sebring’s first race was held on New Year’s Eve of 1950, attracting thirty race cars from across North America. The Sam Collier 6 Hour Memorial race was won by Frits Koster and Ralph Deshon in a Crosley Hot Shot that had been driven to the track by Victor Sharpe.

The first 12 Hours of Sebring was held on March 15, 1952, shortly growing into a major international race. In 1959, the track hosted the U.S.’ first Formula One race (the successor to historic European Grand Prix motor racing), held as that year’s installment of the historic United States Grand Prix competition. However poor attendance and high costs relocated the next U.S. Grand Prix to Riverside International Raceway in southern California.

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The GTR2 Version :

This is a later version updated again for GTL/GTR2 based on the CSGT’s rFactor version.
It features also rain-reflections.

Sebring’s first race was held on New Year’s Eve of 1950. Sebring is renowned for its rough surface. The course still runs on old sections of World War II-era landing fields that were constructed of concrete sections with large seams. The transitions between sections are quite rough and often, sparks fly from the undercarriages of the cars as they traverse them. Much of the track has intentionally been left with its original concrete runway surface, for this version along with the added Rain reflections for GTR2, a few extra enhancements were created and included so it will differ slightly from earlier versions…

to help when racing in the late hours marker cones are set up to show up at night, although there are various nightlights, as its an reprensentation of a 1970 track there are no startlights etc, so watch the flags.


Ken (motorFX)



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Version: 1.0
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  1. bmw328is

    I have attempted to drive this track with different cars on different occasions. The runway sections are so bumpy it is virtually undrivable. Has this been fixed?

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