Shelby Cobra GT500 1967 v1.0

Shelby Cobra GT500 1967 for GTR2

Mod created by NacK

Add-on car for the GTL-GTR2 Mod

Mod Infos :

After 2 long months, countless ctd’s and many late nights, it’s finally done.

I have tried to keep it fps friendly by creating lod’s, welding and etc. to the best of my abilities. Physics wise, these were heavy cars and they drive that way. Your only hope with these is to get them on the straights !

You have three cars to choose from:

– GT350 289 v8. 351hp – a dog
– GT500 428FE v8 390hp – big block, getting better
– GT500 Super Snake 427 520hp and yes it does bite!

This was debated as whether to release this or not due to homogolation since there was only one made. Fun factor won out. For more info on this beast go to:

There are 5 different grill/light styles, 5 wheel styles, 5 bumper styles and 2 splitter styles.

Car Infos :

by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide

“A blend of sports car and muscle car, the 1967 Shelby GT 500 satisfyed a maturing taste for high performance. The GT 500 represented a departure for Ford factory tuner Carroll Shelby. To make a road-racing champ of the 1965-1966 Mustangs, Shelby had transformed them into thundering thoroughbreds ill-suited to everyday driving.

By 1967, however, Shelby’s audience was demanding more civility, and the original pony car was undergoing a revamp that finally gave it room for big-block power.

The 1967 Shelby GT 500 was the first roadgoing Mustang with Ford’s 428-cid V-8 and showed that sports car philosophy and muscle car attitude were compatible.

With the introduction of the 1967 models, regular Mustangs could get a 320-bhp 390-cid four-barrel V-8. Shelby, naturally, went further. His GT 350 retained its 289-cid V-8 with its 306-bhp rating. And a new model, the 1967 Shelby GT 500, got a reworked 428-cid “Police Interceptor.”

The 428 was otherwise reserved for bigger Fords, where it made 345 bhp. Shelby added the cast-aluminum medium-rise intake manifold from Ford’s 427, twin 600-cfm Holley four-barrel carburetors, and other tweaks for a conservative rating of 355 bhp. During manufacture or through dealers, a handful of 1967 Shelby GT 500s were equipped with Ford’s near race-ready 427-cid V-8.

Aluminum air cleaner and valve covers embellished the Shelby GT’s dual-quad 428.

The 1967 GT 500 had a four-speed manual transmission or a three-speed automatic, with axle ratios ranging from 3.50:1 to 4.11:1. Instead of true competition-grade underpinnings, the suspension was a fortified version of the Mustang GT’s, with standard front disc brakes and E70X15 tires. Also gone were the two-seat cabins and standard racing harnesses of the original GT 350.

All 1967 Shelby GT 500s had Mustang GT-level interior trim; air conditioning and power steering were new factory options. An 8000-rpm tach, 140-mph speedometer, and padded roll bar, however, remained Shelby standards.

Shelby fitted his own fiberglass body parts, including hood, functional scoops, and front and rear fascias, and installed sequential turn-signal lamps. Twin stripes were dealer-applied options.

Always looking to improve performance, Shelby outfitted the GT 500s with fiberglass body pieces, including an elongated nose, a hood with functional scoops, and four body side intakes. The fiberglass tail had a molded spoiler and sequential turn-signal lamps borrowed from the Mercury Cougar. High-beam headlights were mounted in the center of the grille (some were moved to the sides to meet state laws). Twin “Le Mans” stripes were dealer-applied options for any 1967 Shelby GT 500.

If Shelby Mustangs were now less race car and more grand touring machine, that was fine with buyers, who took an immediate liking to Shelby’s latest. The 1967 Shelby GT 500 cost just $200 more than the GT 350 and handily outsold its small-block companion by 875 units.”

Install Instructions :

Make FIRST sure that you have installed the GTL-GTR2 Mod

DELETE any previous version of this car first !

*Please note that I have moved the Shelby GT500 folder from the Add-On Cars folder to the GTC-65 folder with the new v1.0.

Be sure to delete the Shelby GT500 folder in that directory before installing v1.0.
You can also delete the Add-On Cars folder if you don’t have any other cars in that folder.

Extract to a temporary folder. Copy the GameData folder to your GTR2 directory.
This will not overwrite any existing files.

Mod History – change-log :

v1.0 – 11/09/08

* Remapped body parts and improved shading.
* Created air scoop lod’s, top air scoop side light option and tail light damage.
* Added front splitter and windshield banner (cockpit and exterior).
* New fuch rims (style5 wheel).
* Animated and optimized style1 wheels.
* Newly modeled magstar rims (style2 wheel) with animation.
* New realistic super snake grill and rear bumper.
* Improved shadow, damage and headlight glow mesh.
* Corrected pit fuel position.

v0.91 – 09/26/08

* Original release


Electronic Arts for the original mesh
Simbin for their excellant models and the best era-type racing sim to date.
Goresh and splintert92 for help with technical snags along the way.
Beta testers: Mogget, Pizzaman, kiwisteve

Other :

Even though I did not create the original mesh, countless hours have been spent optimizing, mapping, creating textures and lod’s, etc. Please do not post this on any website or use any parts of this mod without permission.


Size: 17 MB
Version: 1.0
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