Showroom Tech Specs v1.11

Showroom Tech Specs for GTR2

created by tomdoyle1948

‘Showroom Tech Specs’ is a program designed to create the files required for display of Tech Specs in the GTR2 Showroom. It can also export engine graph files and browse GTR2 vehicle characteristics.

Most mods and addon cars do not include any showroom tech spec files. Creating the four files required for each car is very tedious. If you change an engine in a car it is equally tiresome to create new files so we leave them and now the existing files are not correct. ‘Showroom Tech Specs’ automates the process of creating showroom tech spec files.

The ‘Showroom Tech Specs’ program reads the .car file info in your GTR2 teams directory and reads the associated .hdc and .eng files to determine the actual vehicle specs. The graphs and associated text files for the showroom tech specs are generated from the actual vehicle information.

The program requires .Net 2.0 or higher. It is available at no cost from Microsoft.

Copy the .exe file included in the distribution zip file to a location of your choice. If you can not think of a place to put it try the desktop.

The program works under XP and Vista Home 32 bit. Vista 64 bit has not been tested. It has not been tested with non-english language versions of GTR2, Windows or Vista.



Size: 125 KB
Version: 1.11
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