Summit Point 2007 WIP2

Summit Point 2007 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by philrob


A conversion from GPL to rFactor to GTR2

Original Track Author : James Sowell
rFactor Conversion by Bud Lucas and Andy55, using 3D SimEd

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

Summit Point Motorsports Park is a road racing and driver training facility located in Jefferson County, West Virginia about two hours west of Washington, D.C. in the state’s Eastern Panhandle.

Owned and operated by Bill Scott Racing, Inc., Summit Point Motorsports Park features three road racing circuits that are currently used for amateur automobile, kart, and motorcycle racing, high-performance driver education and emergency training for local and federal law enforcement, as well as foreign service officers who may be posted to dangerous locales.

Built in 1969–1970, Summit Point Motorsports Park (then “Summit Point Raceway”), opened in 1969.

The first races held there were SCCA regional races in the fall of 1969 with IMSA International Sedans being the first professional event, later to become The Radial Tire Series, and IMSA Pro Formula Ford. The event was held on Memorial Day, May 30, 1970. (The holiday was still celebrated on the 30th then.) Rasey Feezell won in an Alfa Romeo 4-door sedan, whose modifications were very questionable, taking home the grand sum of $200 prize money. Five of the eleven entrants were from Raleigh, North Carolina.

During its early years and since SCCA held numerous events at the track. Several Regional and National races were run each year. Many racers got their start in the popular SCCA Driver’s Schools held there by the Washington DC Region.

Paul Newman ran several of his early races there in a Bob Sharp-prepared Datsun 510 sedan. He wished to be just another “racer” and did not want to be recognized at racing events as a “superstar”, so he and wife Joanne Woodward kept to themselves and eschewed signing autographs. Few realized they were racing in the company of famous actors. The only outward clue was the plate on his 510’s front bumper… “PLN”

Over time the track was host to a number of professional races sanctioned by IMSA and the SCCA Trans-Am Series through the late 1980s.

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The SIM Version :

This conversion is just a ‘Tide Me Over’ until a proper scratch built track can be made, my meager talents restrict me to conversions only. There are 22 pit spots, 44 garages and 44 starting grid positions. This conversion is intended for mid to low end computer systems as it does not include any bump or spec maps.

known bugs :

All DX levels have been tested, but work was done using the DX8 setting so there might be problems at DX9, not all video cards perform the same. The shadows have not been activated. Track night lighting has not been activated but vision during night races is still good.

Recommended Settings :

To improve FPS set shadows at Medium.

For best track visuals set Customize\Settings\Display\Texture Detail to Full, there will be a minor reduction in FPS but the improved visuals are worth it.

Recommend the ‘Track Default’ race starting time be used, you will find it between 11:30 PM and 12:00 AM under the Customize/Settings/Race tabs once the game is started.

Special thanks to Andy55 for his cam file and great feedback, and to James Sowell the original circuit author who built a fantastic foundation for us to convert. The only major change from the originals was the addition of a few texture files ……. 🙂

GTR2 Version – WIP 2 – by philrob, May 2016 :

– many bmp’s changed to dds
– normals corrected
– changes to gdb/trk files
– GTR2 aiw 40+
– replaced tree textures/multi
– new spectators
– GTR2 bump/specs added
– new trackside logos
– many new textures
– replaced road tex
– replaced bridge
– fences/walls/tyres are now collidable
– lighting changed
– track geographic location changed
– removed and replaced water tower and all marshalls posts
– added safety vehicles
– placed suitable team trucks
– new tents around track
– wet track
– 3d tyres wall
– new loading screen and original style version, just rename
– removed camera towers and replaced with higher rez versions
– removed camera cranes
– added starters gantry
– added some buildings
– new 3d speccys
– new 3d marshalls
– pit garages removed
– added pit tents and truck tents
– added cars and vans
– some shadows around track
– reworked grass
– some new pit buildings



Size: 68 MB
Version: wip 2
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