Targa Florio optimized by GTR233 v2.3

Targa Florio for GTR2

optimized / reworked by GTR233

Note : this reworked Version of Targa Florio for GTR2 was official released by GTR233 on racedepartment.com


David Wright for advices and kind permission to use LODs of POWER & GLORY mod by GTL WORKSHOP
derDumeklemmer for KBB online version
GTR233 for optimization
leon_90 for reporting road issue, advices and beta testing
NeelJ & TheSky for GTR2 TARGA FLORIO
POWER & GLORY mod GDB lighting by GTL WORKSHOP (special thanks to David Wright and DucFreak)
SIMBIN/Blimey!/10Tacle Studios for GTR2
Shovas and Miguel Batista for road bumps advice
TARGA TEAM for original GPL Targa Florio track

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

The Targa Florio (“Florio Plate”) was an open road endurance automobile race held in the mountains of Sicily near the island’s capital of Palermo. Founded in 1906, it was the oldest sports car racing event, part of the World Sportscar Championship between 1955 and 1973. While the first races consisted of a whole tour of the island, the track length in the race’s last decades was limited to the 72 kilometres (45 mi) of the Circuito Piccolo delle Madonie, which was lapped 11 times.

Targa Florio Map

After 1973, it was a national sports car event until it was discontinued in 1977 due to safety concerns. It has since been run as a rallying event, and is part of the Italian Rally Championship.

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The GTR2 Version – reworked by GTR233 :

This optimized version represents 6 months of work (updated CAM/AIW/Textures and some objects) for me and is intended to allow low end PCs to run this great track with 2Gb RAM only (original track CTD if you don’t have 4gb RAM).
Besides AI are now able to finish a full lap contrary to original version where most AI crashed and returned to pits.
I have fixed non working CAMs at the beginning of the track.
I have enabled dynamic fog contrary to original which has no fog at all (this feature looks better with Bjarne new GFX available in HQ Anniv. Patch).
I have increased rearview distance and objects number shown in mirrors.
Compatible with both NOCD/DIGITAL STEAM EXE contrary to original version which makes CTD with STEAM.

Change-log by GTR233 :

– Initial release to fix low FPS & Crash To Desktop with 2Gb RAM

– updated TRK/AIW
– added road fix for new shaders which make road clear/white (thanks to leon_90 for advices)

– updated TRK/AIW/GDB
– updated textures (thanks to leon_90 for advices)

– reduced road bumps (thanks to Shovas and Miguel for advices)

– added fog version
– remade LODs

– updated trees
– updated LODs

– updated AIW to reduce AI accidents (but there are still some because road is narrow)
– updated CAM files for better external view/replay
– updated LODs with different images for each version

– set race laps to 11
– disabled collision for some barriers to let AI pass through and to avoid big AI crashs and abandons
(there are still some small accidents but AI should continue and finish race)

– fixed an hairpin where AI can be stuck
– reduced fog over the horizon

– reduced fog density (thanks to Quadrifloglio Verde for reporting issue)
– fixed stuck cars in pits (thanks to TheBigHase for reporting issue)
– few minor updates

– fixed CAM/replay off at the very beginning between pits and start line : now you will see your car in this area

as too many people do not read my readme and do not install Bjarne GFX Shader Patch (set by default with HQ Anniversary Patch)
to patch the fog issue in default GTR2, I decided to remove dynamic fog for daytime and for all versions except for the dedicated
FOG version (fog effect will still look better with Bjarne GFX Shader Patch though).

After many days of hard work, here is the fix for DIGITAL STEAM EXE CTD (thanks to sikjar for reporting issue)
You can set track settings to MEDIUM/HIGH with DIGITAL STEAM EXE (FULL track detail doesn’t work with steam)
You can set track settings to MEDIUM/HIGH/FULL with NOCD EXE
As I use nocd for 15 years, I have never paid attention to Steam crash with this track, anyway now it is fully compatible with both NOCD/DIGITAL STEAM 🙂

– fixed left arrow pit out
– fixed tree lines bug on some areas
– removed some objects to make Digital STEAM EXE run the track in Full (steam EXE can load less objects in memory than NOCD so CTD are more frequent with steam exe)
– added GTR233 Dynamic Clouds (you need GTR2 16th Anniversary Patch to be enabled)


– Copy Targa folder in GTR2GameDatalocations directory (overwrite ALL)


In Targa folder you have 6 7zip archives, just extract them with RIGHT MOUSE CLICK then left click EXTRACT HERE and let overwrite ALL files/subfolders

[GT Legends_Dynamic_Clouds_OFF].7z = QUICK CONVERSION TO GT Legends
[GT Legends_Dynamic_Clouds_ON_1L].7z = QUICK CONVERSION TO GT Legends with 1 layer Dynamic Clouds (you need GTL HQ Anniversary Patch v16 to be enabled)
[GT Legends_Dynamic_Clouds_ON_2L].7z = QUICK CONVERSION TO GT Legends with 2 layers Dynamic Clouds (you need GTL HQ Anniversary Patch v16 to be enabled)
[GTR2_Dynamic_Clouds_ON_1L].7z = QUICK CONVERSION TO GTR2 with 1 layer Dynamic Clouds (you need GTR2 16th Anniversary Patch to be enabled)
[GTR2_Dynamic_Clouds_ON_2L].7z = QUICK CONVERSION TO GTR2 with 2 layers Dynamic Clouds (you need GTR2 16th Anniversary Patch to be enabled)


– You can set track settings to MEDIUM/HIGH/FULL with NOCD EXE or DIGITAL STEAM EXE
– this track is one of the heaviest in term of material objects so RAM limit can be reached sooner than any other track which can lead to CTD (crash-to-desktop)
– first run will generate HAT file (critical time where most CTDs occur) and will take a long moment, next time game will load the track quicker
– if you have CTD at first run for HAT generating then set graphics on MEDIUM in single practice session with NO AI, set original skies (not HD/HQ)
– if you have CTD after several races then exit GTR2 and retry (memory will be purged)
– AC/rF2 cars conversions are much heavier than old GTR2 models so reduce AI number with these kind of high poly mods
– choose hood/bumper view for twice more fps than in cockpit
– set track draw distance on FAR/Very FAR in menu to show full horizon (mountains may disappear on Low/Normal)
– fog version doesn’t work with LOW track settings (black screen)
– fog distance is linked to track draw distance (fog will be more dense/closer on Normal track draw distance than on Very Far)
– fog over mountains has no transparency with original GFX so you need Bjarne new gfx170a available in my HQ Anniversary Patch
– I have disabled GTR2 rain reflection because it increases the chances of CTD and because effect doesn’t look great especially on this big track


– I have made optimizations to run it on 2GB RAM PC with very few AI opponents (original track doesn’t start with 2GB RAM) but do not try more AI with only 2GB RAM because you will get Crash-To-Desktop (CTD), so it is highly recommended to install my HQ Anniversary Patch to get 4Gb patch if you have Windows 64bits

– Instant replay works but Replay recorder will CTD with only 2Gb RAM (on Windows 32bits even if you have 4Gb RAM or more, the 4Gb patch does NOT work so GTR2 will use 2Gb RAM max and will CTD if game tries to load more than 2Gb)

– This track is 72km long and replay/external cameras are limited to 20km max in simbin games : after 20km replay/external cam will not work

– This track doesn’t work great by night because of heavy headlights flickering (I have increased clip planes values without success on this track)

– Fog version doesn’t work with LOW/NEAR graphics options

– Fog may flicker sometimes


This is a non-profit work made by passion for old gem GTR2 and all of the content is provided free of charge “as is”, without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, use it at your own risk : authors will not be held responsible for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly by the use of files included in this mod. You are permitted to install and play this mod for personal home use only, any other uses are forbidden. It is forbidden to convert/modify/distribute any materials, or use it as part of another mod without authors written permission which cannot be ceded to a third party. The original source is only available at RACEDEPARTMENT.COM

GTR233, 2022.



Size: 166 MB
Version: 2.3
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12 Thoughts to “Targa Florio optimized by GTR233 v2.3”

  1. Torag

    @ eSR-Reporter
    Thanks for your Help and Explanation
    Because I don’t want to tinker with some Gamefiles, the easiest Things for me are:
    1. Set the Fuel consumption to “Off”
    Dirve at the Pit right after the Start and fill up the Tank

    1. blackskull101

      Or 3. In the pits fill up the tank in the garage/setup menu

  2. Beco1

    My huge request for this would be to pls look into the issues in the pits, when AI always crashes into the wall when going out and the narrow sandy way up to the exit is very bumpy. Maybe this can be looked at by some geniuses.;-)

  3. Torag

    GTR233 has done a great job
    But one thing makes me wonder (it has absolutly nothing to do with GTR233 work):
    In GTR2 I drove this Track in with a Stock Honda Civic Type R from 2017.
    At the Start where were 36 Liters of Gas in the Tank, and GTR told me that this is enough for 1 Lap,
    But it wasn’t enough, I run out of Gas a few Kilometers before the Finishline.
    Don’t tell me in Real Life a Honda Civic Type R, Build in 2017, usese 36 (!) Liters of Fuel on less than 72 Kilometers.
    It’s unbelivable in real Life and it’s also unbeliveabel in a Game which claims fo be a “Racing Simlation”.

    1. blackskull101

      There is a Fuel Use setting in the options menu, also there is a FuelUse value in the track .aiw file, tweaking these may fix the problem.

      1. Torag

        Yes, I know these Options.
        There is also another Solution:
        Rigth after the Start there’s the Pit on the left Side of the Track.
        You can stop there and they change Tires and fill up your Tank. Than you have 45 Liters in the Tank, thats sufficient for 1 Lap,

        I’ve got no Problem with the Fuel, but for a Software which calls themself “SIM-Racer” and claims to “Simulate” Races with Cars it’s verry unrealistic that a Car use 36 Liter of Gas on less than 72 Kilometer.
        As far as I know there is no Racecar in Real Life who does that !

        1. blackskull101

          It’s not the software, it’s the values set in the mods.

      2. blackskull101

        I’ve just made a test with the HQ patch by GTR233. With HQ BMW M3 ’04 and Fuel use set to “normal” the game says that 36 liters are enough for 0 laps. 45 liters is the minimum for 1 lap.
        I drove 1 lap on the Regular version starting with 45 liters and it was sufficient, in fact when I crossed the start/finish line I had about 6 liters left, so 1 lap in BMW M3 is about 39 liters.
        I agree that this is too high consumption, probably the FuelUse value in the track AIW file needs adjustment.

        1. Beco1

          What you can also do is to increase the size of your fuel tank of your car. That is done in the.hdc file of the car. Look for Fuel range and set a higher value. I found out that sometimes the tanks are too low and are bigger in real life. I google for those values and adjust.

          1. Torag

            I don’t think increasing the Tanksize will help

            For example:
            When I drive with the Civic Type R, at the Start there are 36 Liter in the Tank.
            That’s not enough for 1 Round in the Targa Florio.
            So right after the Start I drove to the Pits and they are filling up the Tank.
            Now I have 45 Liter in it, that’s enough for one Round.

            By the way the real Civic Type R has a Tanksize of 46 Liter and has a Fuel consumption of 9,7 Liter at 100 Kilometer, so you can drive around 597 Kilometer.

            The Civic Type R in the Game has 36 Liter in the Tank and use all of this in less than 70 Kilometer.
            That’s a Fuel consumption of 51 Liter on 100 Kilometer.

            So instead of increasing the Tanksize you should reduce the Fuel consumption.

          2. The consumption value, which is displayed in the game, shows the average consumption, which is expected to be needed for a certain distance. This value is determined by various values, such as route length, vehicle weight, engine data, weather conditions, route liability, etc. – This is therefore an estimated value, but not the actual consumption, as this depends on various factors, as described.

            These values are read from the respective route and vehicle files. These values are correct in relation to the standard GTR2 vehicles and tracks.

            However, since the vehicles and track mentioned here are addons that have nothing to do with normal GT vehicles and circuits, it is quite possible that the consumption is not consistent.

            As already mentioned here, there are several ways to adjust the fuel consumption. On the one hand in the game under Realism – Fuel – “Normal” should be set there.

            The fuel consumption can be adjusted individually in the “.eng” file, which can be found in the respective vehicle folder.

            The consumption is defined in the following two lines:

            The variable determines the consumption depending on the gas position and engine speed, and the value also depends on the power and power of the engine.

            Example : Maserati C-12: 6.0 V12, 600 hp @ 7250, 655 Nm @ 5500 // 7.00e-005

            Fuel forecast/prediction for display and tactics calculation

            ps : just try a GTR2 standard vehicle – this is the easiest way to test whether the Targa Florio data is correct 😉

            I hope I could help ^^


  4. GTR233 has done a great job – the route is now very comfortable to drive, no jerks, no flickering, the landscape is consistent and the horizon / surroundings also look good – this is by far the best converted GPL overland / rally track in GTR2 – thanks for this one masterpiece !

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