Thruxton v1.0

Thruxton for GTR2

Credits :

Orginal taken from: Toca 2 (Converted by Matt LUcas to SCGT)
Converted by: zero-G
AI: zero-G
Cameras: zero-G
Loading Screens: Powerman

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Track Infos from Wikipedia :

Thruxton Motorsport Centre is a motor-racing circuit located near the village of Thruxton in Hampshire, England which hosts motorsport events including British Touring Cars and Formula 3 racing. It is often referred to as the “Fastest Circuit in the UK” where drivers can reach speeds of over 300kph and has earnt the reputation of being a true driver’s track. To illustrate this, Damon Hill drove his Williams Formula One car around the circuit at an average speed of 147mph in 1993.

Thuxton Motor Racing Circuit map.svg

The site also houses the headquarters of the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC).

The site was originally constructed in 1942 as RAF Thruxton, a World War II airfield which was home to both the RAF and USAAF and was used for troop-carrying aircraft and gliders, including operations during the D-Day landings. Also, the paratroopers who took part in the successful Bruneval Raid (Operation Biting), in which German radar equipment was seized on the coast of France, took off from here.

The circuit, which follows the line of the airfield’s perimeter road, was established in 1968. From 1950–1965, motorbike races had taken place on the runways and perimeter road.

Owing to planning restrictions, the circuit can only run 12 days of motorsport each year. Currently, three are devoted to motorbike racing, with a weekend dedicated to the British Superbike Championship, Britain’s premier motorcycle racing category; with the third day being used for club racing.

The remaining days are devoted to car racing with weekends being used for the TOCA British Touring Car Championship, the British Formula 3 and British GT package and the Dunlop Great and British Festival, which features rounds of the British Truck Racing Championship, the International Truck Racing Challenge as well as the staples of the festival, including the Radical endurance races. Two separate one day meetings are run for amateur championships of the BARC, one of which is titled the Thruxton Classic, which features races for Classic Touring Cars, Classic Formula Ford 1600 and Formula Ford 2000. The remaining day is allocated to other organising clubs, such as the 750 Motor Club and Historic Sports Car Club. Owing to the relative infrequency of race meetings, Thruxton continues to be a popular part of the motorsport calendar.

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The SIM Version :

GTR Version by philrob (12.07.2005) :

Converted to GTR by philrob with thanks to all the converters before me. Added load screens and buttons fixed a few small graphic problems works best with around 20 cars i just converted the track though, the creation was done by others long ago without these guys we would have none of these fine tracks.

rFactor Version (25.02.06) :

With Permission from philrob (Thank you).
Converted to rFactor by lasercutter with tons of help and assistance from motorFX (cheers Ken) and the whole of the rfactor community. Special thanks to James Burroughs, SandyK, Ferrari27, the OZRaces members and everyone at (the best site on the net).

Biggest thanks to all those that preceded me on working on this track especially the trackmaker without whom this would not have been possible. I’ve tried my best to bring this track up to modern standards but it’s showing it’s age now, everything works as it should other than the following known issues. There are some strange polygons on the track most noticeable near the pits, all attempts to fix them has so far failed.

There are some objects which sometimes appear near the first chicane, only slightly noticeable and again unable to find the cause or cure. As in most uk tracks this one does not feature night lighting though there is some in the pit area.

I have includeed some lower res road textures for those that need them, just copy them from the low res folder and place them in the first Thruxton folder (where thruxton.mas and Thruxtonmap.mas are).

GT Legends Version (12.04.06) :

Converted to GTL by Triafgg.
With permission from Lasercutter, many thanks.
Thanks to great work by Lasercutter, not a great deal needed really.

No noticeable strange graphic effects as mentioned above.

The low textures can be used to improve framerate on lower spec machines, just put in \Gamedata\locations\Thruxton with the other files.

Enjoy !



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Version: 1.0
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