Toyota Soarer Mod v1.0

Toyota Soarer Mod for GTR2

Toyota Soarer SC300 / SC400 “Lextreme” trackday Mod

Mod created by Legendsatlunch

WooHoo It’s time for V1.0 !

There are LOTS of new additions some big some small. A few more people to thank and a whole lot more fun than soaking your sack in a bowl of cold porridge!

Mod Infos :

The base of this mod started out as the Lexus IS-F (thanks to the original Author), scca1981 has allowed me to use his converted files. Scca has also fixed alot of the problems I had and made it look brilliant ingame. Many Thanks Scca1981!

I would also like to thank Gokshe for helping port the car to rFactor and really getting me started in playing more seriously with modding (modelling is for the people with brains so I thank every one who provides such a wonderful selection of cars for all of us to enjoy).

WEll, I am now starting to make stuff myself and have made a nice surprise for the soarer
………….doesn’t mean I got brains though!

I am also still using the M3gtr interior and parts of the Z3 physics, so, I guess that’s OK, Thanks Simbin I love and own GTR, GTL and GTR2, oh don’t forget m3 challenge and F1C!

Car Infos from Wiki :

The Toyota Soarer is a personal luxury GT coupé that was produced from 1981 to 2005 by Toyota and was sold in Japan. In Japan, it was available at both Toyota Japan dealerships called Toyota Store and Toyopet Store, and it débuted with the Z10 series, replacing the Toyopet Store exclusive Mark II Coupe, and the Toyota Store exclusive Crown Coupe.

In 1986, the Z20 series was launched, based on the then new A70 Supra platform. In 1991, the third-generation (Z30 series) Toyota Soarer premiered in Japan, while its Lexus equivalent, the SC 300/400 débuted in the US market.

While externally identical to the Lexus SC, the Z30 series Soarer lineup offered different powertrain specifications and multiple unique vehicle configurations. In 2001, Toyota introduced a convertible-only successor which appeared in Japan as the fourth-generation (Z40 series) Toyota Soarer, and elsewhere as the Lexus SC 430. In contrast to previous series, the fourth-generation Soarer and Lexus SC were based on a single model and were largely equivalent. In 2005, following the introduction of Lexus in Japan, the Soarer name and emblem were discontinued, and the Z40 became the Lexus SC 430 in common with worldwide markets.

In its home market the Soarer was a competitor to the Nissan Leopard, and Mazda Cosmo coupes, and served as Toyota’s “halo car“, introducing new technologies before they were installed on other Toyota products. All versions of the Soarer featured a unique winged lion emblem (often mistakenly called a Griffin) as the logo throughout the vehicle.

Many Thanks to :

PeGe for the use of his Drift engine (SoarerDrag), gearbox (all) and suspension settings (Drift) and the extreme tyres very cool stuff!
Team Oversteer for the brilliant skins! Many thanks for adding this car to your mod Swoop has created some awesome updates to the model! WWW.OVERSTEER.COM.AU
Merlin75 for the bbs rims! They look soo sweet!
Durod from the home of mco for rfactor for the drag engine model, makes it so much fun!
XXX for the extra skins, really sweet work
I have used the D1 Vertex Ridge Soarer model created for Racer by FSR and team

Thanks guys awsome car!

Install Instructions :


I have included new gdb’s and sounds.

extract files to temp folder – copy Gamedata folder into your Gtr2 game folder.

To add cars to your garage just add the class name to whatever .car file you would like that way you only get what you add and not 43 bmw’s! hehehe!

Remember this is for fun …….:-)
Many thanks to all who’ve helped!
happy racing……….



Size: 74 MB
Version: 1.0
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