Tuning Cars Mod 2010

Tuning Cars Mod 2010 for GTR2

TC.Mod 2010

The Tuning Cars Mod 2010 was built by :

Dschänsn : car paints, physics, sound, Standalone, mod coordination, betatesting, promotion
MaKO : car paints, physics, sound, Standalone, mod coordination, betatesting, promotion

Thanks for the support during the whole project (2006-2010) :

Quertreiber : betatesting, drift physics on Xtra RWD’s
FBR -Racer : betatesting, body parts modeling
MarcDO : betatesting, 9ff Porsche, cockpit instrument modeling

Thanks to our testdrivers and online-racing-communities :

Popeye, Shifter, Ralf Gilles, Riege, Sackschwitze.com, GTR4u.de and GTR-30.net

Mod Infos :

After Tuning Cars Mod for GTR and also after Tuning Cars Mod² for GTR² with more than 100.000 download hits – here´s the Tuning Cars Mod 2010, for all those, who like it rough…

Every single car has it’s own driving style and it’s own look. So check out, which car’s character most fits you ! As always , each car was modificated, e.g. through new physics, sounds, rims, windows, spoilers, lights and other body parts.

You can select from different offline-championships, highspeed races, night races and even drift races – it´s your choice ! Each car has got a fine tuning to become more competitive and most of the cars also got a facelift – first one : to get closer races, second one : to make the cars look even hotter than before. You can choose one out of 105 cars, power outputs from 380 up to 990 horses, old well known styles and some completely new cars. The cars are still divided into Max, Mid and Low classes, the fun class called Xtra now got some new members – driftcars and offroaders.

Many new cockpits for the perfect feeling – strong engines for real action – what else do you need ? To use the TC .MOD2, you don’ t need to download any add-on car, all the files you’ll need are already included, all cars are standalone so no original GTR2 files will be overwritten. We recommend a clean GTR² installation to use TC .MOD 2010, so you won’t get any problems with our mod.


You are not allowed to use any part of this mod for other projects without our permission !
We got permission to use all the included addon cars and other parts, so you have to ask the original authors for permisson !

Thanks to the authors of the following parts :

– TtR , Mr. Whippy , T-Shine – Cosworth Sound , M3 Startsound
– Raphael1976 – EDO Competition 996 GT2RS Skin (from GTR 1)
– GTLP Team ACME – Acme Viper Skins
– BullDog13 & Quertreiber – Serien Audi RS4
– PainterX – HKS Siemens Porsche 996 & 993 Falken Skins
– Xilix – Audi RS4 Motegi Sound (TC.Crew modified)
– Ariuken – Cosworth Bovsound
– Rob – cockpit modifications , C5 LPE and Nissan 350Z APS
– Raiden – Skins for Viper Greddy, Corvette C5 GTS EC
– Moatlspeed – Skins for Lister Storm Clarion, Saleen S 7 DeWalt
– David91 – ViperCC rearwing, cockpit modifications and rims exclusively for TC.Crew, Skin Viper ACME
– Mr. Whippy – Ferrari FXX Sound (TC.Crew modified)
– Leonne555 – Audi RS4 IMSA Skin
– BDD – Ferrari 550 MGE Skin
– Thinlane T – Corvette C5R Enginesounds (TC.Crew modified)
– Landi – Skins for M3 GT2 HKS, Audi R8 MTM, R34 RMR
– Tatwaffe – Skins for RS4 Memorex, GT3 RS Sackschwitze
– Thanks SimBin for GTR²

Installation Instruction :

  1. extract the .rar file with WinRAR or similar unpacker
  2. run the included “TC.MOD2010.exe” and follow the installer instructions


Size: 470 MB
Version: 1.0
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