TVR Tuscan Cup v0.9

TVR Tuscan Cup for GTR2

Mod created by scca1981

Mod Infos :

This is a semi-fictional cup based on the 1995 TVR Tuscan Challenge.

Skins – Fictional
Phsyics – Semi Fictional

Real data was hard to find on this car. In the end I was only able to locate such things as weight, engine data, ruff gearbox data, top speed and 0-100 times. So for this reason it gets the “semi fictional” rating. The Engine is based on the 1995 AJP 450 BHP 4.5L V8. The low weight of the car makes it extrememly quick and prone to wheel spin. Drive with care.


The cockpit is small and the top drivers side roll cage will clip some here and there. Best used with DX9.

Championship Infos from Wiki :

The TVR Tuscan Challenge is a one-make series dedicated to the second incarnation of the TVR Tuscan sports car (Initially developed as a road car and then built for the race series), and takes place throughout the United Kingdom. Inaugurated in 1989, its high power-to-weight ratio, capability of reaching 190 mph (310 km/h) and loud engine noise, combined with close racing in a field consisting of over 30 cars at its peak, made the series become, at the time, the premier one-make series in the UK with an extensive TV coverage; over the years, many drivers who competed in the series moved on in major championship series and many notable drivers have guest driven in a race. The company underwent management changes in 2005, and the TVR Tuscan Challenge was merged with its owner club‘s series, which has been reformatted to allow for all TVR models.

This version of the Tuscan is not to be confused with either the earlier V8/6 model or the later roadgoing Speed Six version.

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Drop the Gamedata folder included into your main GTR2 directory and allow any overwrite


When I can locate more solid data a version 1.0 may be released.
For the time being this will remain in beta 0.9 form.



Size: 38 MB
Version: 0.9
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