VW W12 Nardò GT1 v1.1

VW W12 Nardò GT1 for GTR2

Credits :

3D model and textures…………GRID 8-Ball Pack by Codemasters
Rear wing……………………………..???
physics…………………………………Edited version of standard Murcielago
tyr file…………………………………..Mazda 787B by SCCA1981

New in v1.1:

– More paintable parts(mirrors, carbon parts and windows)
– New skin

Mod Infos :

This mod is a conversion of the car included in the 8-Ball Pack. The 4 cars have the filter NARDOW12 only. Edit the line classes according to your GTR2 installation. The mod contains 4 cars (two skins in the original files and two painted by myself). I have tried to make a template from specular maps and other strange files in the original car. Wheel template and rear wing template are included too.

About the rear wing I really don’t know who is the author. When I edited my first cars, I was trying to add my favourite rear wings and this wing is one of them. It was included inside a skin that I downloaded 4 years ago but after some time, I extracted the rear wing (to understand how to change a rear wing to a car) and I’ve deleted the mod and all the skins. After 3 or 4 years I don’t know who is the author or the mod linked to the skin. Now I was searching for a good rear wing, because the original car was without a rear wing and rear diffuser, and this one was the best from my “rear wings” folder. If you recognize your wing I will add you to credits immediately!

5 LOD levels implemented.

Skins info :


Car Infos from Wiki :

In 2001, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Volkswagen Group released their most powerful W12 sports car concept yet, in bright orange (then also known as the W12 Nardò). The engine was rated at producing 441 kilowatts (600 PS; 591 bhp) and 621 newton metres (458 lbf⋅ft) of torque; it could accelerate from standstill to 100 kilometres per hour (62.1 mph) in about 3.5 seconds, and had a top speed of 357 kilometres per hour (221.8 mph), weighing just 1,200 kilograms (2,646 lb). It was one of the fastest sports car concepts in the world. It was created by Charlie Adair.

On 23 February 2002, a Volkswagen W12 coupé took the world record for all speed classes over 24 hours over the Nardò Ring at Lecce, covering a distance of 7,740.576 kilometres (4,809.8 mi) at an average speed of 322.891 kilometres per hour (200.6 mph).

Permission :

Feel free to update/upload/use parts of this mod.
Feel free to do what you want with this car. Any improvement is welcome.
You can post the link to the cars and create a release thread everywhere.

updates by SiGi for eSport-Racing.de (December 2016) :

– improved “wobbling” brake disks (centered)
– corrected / improved exhaust smoke, seat, feed on pedals, engine emission and sound positions
– created SIM class file (.gdb)

good entertainment


Size: 50 MB
Version: 1.1
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