WTCC 2006-2007 Mod v2.0

WTCC 2006-2007 Mod for GTR2

Championship Infos from Wiki :

The FIA World Touring Car Championship was an international touring car championship promoted by Eurosport Events and sanctioned by the FĂ©dĂ©ration Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). It has had several different incarnations, including a single season in 1987 as the World Touring Car Championship and most recently a world championship (WTCC) that has run between 2005 and 2017. Following the 2017 season, an agreement was reached for the FIA WTCC to become FIA WTCR and use the TCR technical regulations.

Credits :

Original Cars from “RACE – The WTCC Game” by SimBin Development Team
GTR2 Conversion by ?

mod was found somewhere in the net only with this french text posted below – all infos without warranty on correctness.

Install :

deinstall first any previous versions !

drop the GameData folder to your GTR2 main-directory and allow to overwrite existing one when asked – done.

known bugs :

–  poorly visible head/rear-lights

Original Readme :

Ce mod est intĂ©gralement converti du jeux RACE 07. Je n’y ai apportĂ© que trĂšs peu de modification, donc je n’ai aucun “droit” sur aucun des fichiers prĂ©sents dans ce mod.

Si vous dĂ©sirez utiliser ce mod comme base pour vous-mĂȘme, pensez-juste Ă  dire que vous n’en ĂȘtes pas l’auteur original.

Pour utiliser ce mod, dĂ©compresser GAMEDATA Ă  la racine du jeu (par exemple C:\GTR2\). Ce mod n’Ă©crase aucun des fichiers du jeu d’origine.

RACE 07 – The WTCC Game (c) 2007 Simbin Studios AB. Developed by Simbin Development Team AB.
Published by Simbin Studios AB. All rights reserved.

RACE 07 – The WTTC Game is a trademark of Simbin Studios AB. All other trademarks are the
property of their respective owners and used under licence.


Size: 367 MB
Version: 2.0
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