Adelaide IR 2005 v1.2

Adelaide IR 2005 for GTR2

Adelaide International Raceway 2005

reworked for GTR2 by ZWISS

The real track:

Adelaide International Raceway is a permanent circuit owned by Australian Motorsport Club Limited under the auspices of the Bob Jane Corporation. It is located in the Port Wakefield Road, Virginia, Adelaide, South Australia, next door to Speedway City. The road course is 2.41km, short course is 1.77km, the Oval is 0.8km and the drag strip is 0.25 mile long.

Adelaide (short route).svg

From 1972 to 1988 the Adelaide International Raceway was a major motor racing circuit regularly holding rounds of the Australian Touring Car Championship and endurance races of the Australian Manufacturers’ Championship (later known as the ‘Championship of Makes’). The Adelaide track also hosted rounds of the famous Tasman Series.

The virtual track:

The sim version was made from scratch by RT1971 for rFactor (and THAT’s a lot of work!)

The track was built using BTB as the main tool, 3DSimEd to place extra objects.
Donnie (RMI Group) was given permission to do the conversion, but he asked me to finish the job.

I included all 3 layouts:

– Full track
– short track
– oval (very short)

What I did:

– AIW work: teleport positions, fuel use, fixed pacecar, racing groove, add rain path, fix pitout path, fix time trial
– changed many textures and materials…
– cut up the scenery to smaller parts for better FPS
– a lot of mesh editing…add some objects added
– fixed the skybox, add animated marchalls and gridwalk
– fixed pitlights and startlights

Update 1.2

– fixed animated marchalls of oval track.
– new cams for all layouts by Luigi (thanks a lot)
– new multi texture for infield and outfield
– a few new objects and textures


– RT1971 for the original rFactor track (made from scratch!)
– Donnie from RMIGroup: basic conversion from rFactor to GTR2
– FrankBB and BlackHawk for the GTR2 LODs
– Khan1670 for fixing the pit positions and garage positions.


Night lighting will be added in a future update.
More details if more footage shows up.
Please feel free to comment on how to make this track better.

Have fun with this track!


Size: 25 MB
Version: 1.2
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