Adria IR v1.2

Adria IR for GTR2

Adria International Raceway

Conversion by CodeF1 with permission from the original creator Zero-G.

About the track:

The Adria International Raceway, between Padua and Venice in Italy, boasts a paddock which is completely under cover, the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

Circuit length: 1.679 miles/2.702 km
Circuit type : Permanent road course

Updated some of the textures and reworked the model to be more GTR2 friendly. Tested for DX9,DX8 and DX7.


Extract the rar to your GTR2\GameData\Locations folder.


– Zero-G for his original track
– Gringosan for the AIW
– DerDumeklemmer a special thanks for aswering my questions and helping with the starting lights.
– Pieter Nascar_Man for the updated .gdb file.

Known isues:

– None
– Pit lane is small, please request a pit stop to avoid havoc.


11-14-2006 V1.0
– initial release

11-14-2006 V1.1
– Changed pit so cars are in the garage.
– Replaced Adria.gdb updated info.

01-09-2007 V1.2
– Added animated marshalls
– Added rain reflections
– Changed pitlane with red line
– Modified road texture for better fps

Have fun!


“Life is to short to put it off until tomorrow.”


Size: 14 MB
Version: 1.2
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