Ahvenisto v1.2

Ahvenisto for GTR2

Date: 2008/09/18
Author: Kimmo Kokkonen
e-Mail: keni1@kolumbus.fi

The track

Ahveniston moottorirata is a real race track located in Finland, HĂ€meenlinna. With big altitudes this driving fun with 14 turns.

Versions 1.0-1.2 were Converted from GPL track by Sergio/Jussi/Robert/Ginetto to GTL and GTR2 by me.
This track is modified by me using the original GPL ahven.gtk file with author Sergio Loro’s permission
(I always create the track at first to GPL and then convert the track to the other sims like GTR2).

All gredits to original creators but I will call this track as my own track because of so much changes done
and the track is so much different than the earlier versions were so it’s not just a conversion anymore.
Hope there’s no bad feelings about that, thanks. (original GPL readme included)


open practise and race weekend mode

Thanks to all who helps me with this project!


– starting & pit lights
– animated marshalls
– Spec & Bump Maps (tarmak, grass, sand)
– rain reflection

What’s new in 2.1?

– new AIW file by Khan1670. Thanks Khan, great work as always!
– race groove
– some altitude and graphics changes

What’s new in 2.0?

– almost all 😉
– the track is wider and longer.
– working curbs added.
– lots of new details.
– shortly the track is modified more closer to the real track with 2008 layout.

here’s no bad feelings about that, thanks. (original GPL readme included)


if you have older version of Ahvenisto GTR2 track installed, you should at first remove it. You also should remove old AhvenistoFULL.hat or/and AhvenistoLT.hat file from ‘C:\GTR2\UserData\LOG\HAT’ folder!!!

1. Unzip Ahvenisto_GTR2_2.1.rar
2. Copy folder ‘Ahvenisto’ to ‘C:\GTR2\GameData\Locations\ folder.
3. Start GTR2 game
4. Enjoy!




Use these files at your own risk. I am not responsible of any kind of damage caused by using the files inside this Ahvenisto_GTR2_2.1.rar

(C) 2008 Kimmo Kokkonen


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Version: 2.1
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