Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione v1.01

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione for GTR2

Mod created by RMi

incl. extra skins

updates / patch v1.01 :

This patch updates the NGT cars only.

* dyno spec turbo 430+hp NGT ( proper rpm redlines fixed )
* proper gearing
* fixed rpm bar on orange Alfa and updated the other teams to match the new rpm limits
* misc other tweaks


– no external headlights, rainscreen, dirtscreen or limiter light
– cockpit mirror scaling (these will be addressed in the next update)
– non authentic sounds (uses modified GTR2 sounds)


Extract to your x:\GTR2\GAMEDATA\TEAMS folder


update by morning_wood – RMi

******************* History *********************
Converted from the FIA-GT ADD-ON for rFactor by Realistic Modders inc. (RMi)

Car Class:

* 6 2004 NGT teams
* 2 2004 GT2 teams

Features Added :

* new reflections
* proper shadows
* new physics
* dyno spec turbo 430+hp NGT
* dyno spec normaly aspirated 480+hp G2
* proper masarati gearbox
* cockpit-body-fenders added to cockpit section for better driving view
* extensive body model smoothing

Known Bugs :

– no external headlights, rainscreen, dirtscreen or limiter light
– cockpit mirror scaling ( these will be addressed in the next update )
– non authentic sounds ( uses modified GTR2 sounds )

Skin notes:

* = main body skin
* = sponsor skin
WCEXTRA4.DDS = Tire skin

Credits :

conversion and physics: morning_wood – RMi
body smoothing:R. Stratton – RMi
motec / lights / showroom / final packaging – SCCA1981

Original Credits:

No credits were ever given for the add-on, nor were any credits or names found in the files. Original car physics from the NGT TVR, credits to Simbin. ( not used in this version )

Permissions :

No permission is granted to use the RMi physics, car body model or cockpit body in GTR2 / rFactor without express written permission of RMi. Permission is granted for conversion to the Race07 platform, please include this readme and state the car was converted to GTR2 by RMi in your credits. All other material is in the public domain and may be used freely.

ReadMe addons :

addons for the Alfa 8C Mod by RMi

misc-files :

* gdb / class file added by Kris123
* icon / info file added by SiGi

addon teams :

* Team Jägermeister by GTstarMCH
* Team Street Body v1.0 by Delgado
* Team Coca-Cola by hdswriter
* Team The Boss v1.0 by Delgado
* Team Withe Orange v1.0 by Delgado


All-in-One Install-Package created by SiGi for


Size: 5,9 MB
Version: 1.01
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