Alfter GP v1.1

Alfter GP for GTR2

Conversion from rFactor for GTR2/GTL/Race 07 by Sergio Hundo

2 lay-out’s: AlfterGP and AlfterGP PLUS

change-log :

– Fixed AI’s behavior in the pits in qualifying
– fixed the flickering of shadows in the pits
– uniformity of the effect of dust on san

Thanks to portoalto, for the fixes and improvements. You did a great job !

Updated with track creator name. Thanks to admin of the site.

I hadn’t been able to contact the author of this track, nor did I know the name, but a member sent me the original Read Me files for the track and now the track is up to date with that person’s name and credits. I want to first thank you for creating this amazing track and then give credit to Ricky Bobby for doing such a great job on this track. Thanks for this great work! Congratulations!

If the original creator of the track when identifying this conversion to GTR2 and request their removal from any website hosted by me, this will be done immediately, therefore, hosting on another website without my knowledge is not allowed.

Important before instalation of this track:

– I used a texture to give it a sand dust effect when the car enters the escape area on the track, so open the “Install this file first” folder and if you don’t have the file in your Teams folder, copy and paste into this folder. If you already have it…great. But BACK UP YOUR FILE BEFORE !!!

The purpose of all this is to provide entertainment, without any financial or commercial return. Have fun ! This is enough.

Install :

Unzip rar file with Winrar or similar program and paste in Location folder in GTR2. Enjoy !!!

Sergio Hundo

Size: 106 MB
Version: 1.1
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3 Thoughts to “Alfter GP v1.1”

  1. mirko017

    At the end of the race in Alfter GP the AI cars don’t enter the pit and go on until they are out of fuel.

  2. Beco1

    Thx. But I think it’s “Alfter” is it!? You may wanna correct the typos in this thread – know what I’m saying. 😉

    1. fixed – thanks for the hint 😉

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