AMS Renault Test Track v1.1

AMS Renault Test Track for GTR2

Thanks to the originals authors (Gildoorf Rozencrantz, Ruboy, PrBlanco and Lo2k) for their original track on GP4.
Thanks to Rickylix, for the permission to converted his rFactor version on GTR Evolution.
Thanks to FrankyBB & BlackhHawk for their great Loading Screens.


– Add objects
– Reworked somes textures, add grid markers for 40 cars
– Fixed bug textures in stands
– Add FlagMarshal + animated peoples
– Rain Reflections
– Corners indicators
– Working StartLights, PitIn & PitOutLights
– AIW for 40 cars
– And lots of small work
– Add outside of bends, dirty and slippery

GTR2 updates compared GTR EVO version:

– Add video on TV.
– Add Announcers (forbidden in GTR Evo 🙁

update v1.1 :

– Adjust .trk

6ecko (for our community)


Size: 25 MB
Version: 1.1
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