Anderstorp 1975 v1.0

Anderstorp 1975

GTR2 Conversion & updates by motorfx (ken)

This is another for the 75 series, I made this for GSC2013. not with a view of putting it in other formats.
with the exception of borrowing a few track side objects from earlier tracks and a cam file, its new work…

when I started this project of adding 70’s tracks to GSC2013 I realised that there are quite a few versions
of Anderstorp already available and thought that folk will probably use one of them. I didnt want to use any
of other versions to represent the period and to enable a more the 70’s period look before sand traps etc…

I thought I would make my own track. to do my own mesh work and make the odd objects. In 75 the car
garages seem to use what was under a walkway bridge, which spectators could use above the pit..
although I based this work on what film and images I could find of the 75 season, again there is some artistic
licence used.. I added some of my pit extras to help the cluster of the pit area. The F1 started on the short
straight on what I think is called North circuit start today.

I did’nt do an aiw to make use of the other possible layouts it was just for me to race in the F1 70’s cars,
I thought a few of the members at NoGrip would like too try it…although I used a lot of catch fencing it does
not actualy stop your car, its just there for appearances sake you may also spot a few little gitches that I
have missed. its not the most photographed track in the seventies. it did’nt appear to hold a GP after the loss
of the super fast Ronnie Peterson and Gunner Nilson.

When taking screen grabs I found a couple of views where I could see how good the physics of the retros’
are, watching the ai approach at full speed down “flight straight” and braking hard into “Norra “and then later
watching their backs hang out around ” Contentintel”. which may be also partly due to the way I modelled that
turn as it may be slightly banked in the real world… I did try to add some of a few the others.
I could see from onboard shots I found.

have Fun

Ken H


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