Arcorin Hills v1.02

Arcorin Hills for GTR2

last update : 29.09.2013

2,77 Km / 1.717 miles racetrack by Franky


Here is my latest track creation. Arcorin Hills (fictional) for GTR2 builded with BTB Evo.
Now I have used only dds files and the risult of quality is real better as my tracks before.
Thanks to Ben MK1 for this Tip!

The track has 7 curves on the right and 5 on left side. I’ve testet the track with the VW
Scirocco and some other cars, and its mutch fun to drive. The cars running on this
track are 32. Aiw file corrected by Repair Utility by petrs73.
Thank you petrs 73 for this great tool!

First time I`ve addes also the animated Marshalls, thanks to Barcika for the tutorial.
But Marshalls dont receeve lights in GTL, GTR2 is OK. I dont know why?
All other parts like Pitlights, Startlights Pacecar ecc. are working correct!

News in Version 1.02 :

– Fixed AIW and gdb file by R8 Gordini by
– changed the Pit in point and the Start Grid point optimized for online racing
– the counting of round by Pitstop is working now corect for all cars
– reduced the Pitline limit at 50 Kmhbecause Pitline is shorter as respective Trackline
– added some new objects on Track

Many thanks to R8 Gordini (Tom) for his effort and help by optimizing Arcorin Hills
and for the amazing Fix by AIW Cars!

Version 1.01 :

– Better AI cars
– Fixed RGB file
– shaddows on curbs
– addet some Objects
– fixed the lap time count during pitstop
– fixed Pit entry point near boxes
– reworked Lod screen
– 36 Cars are running now
– some other little changes

Many thanks for your suggestions and many many thanks to r8 Gordini for his
Tips an interesting for Arcorin Hills! Thanks also to xipe and Barcika for his help.

I hope you enjoy this racetrack an whish you mutch fun by driving!



extract with WinRAR or else and drop the track-folder into your GTR2\GameData\Locations\…directory – done.


Size: 44 MB
Version: 1.02
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