Austin Healey Sprite MK-I SCCA v1.1

Austin Healey Sprite MK-I SCCA for GTR2

Austin Healey GP/HP Sprite MK1 for GTR2
Addon Car for the SCCA Production Mod
(can also be run single without this mod)

Credits and thanks to :

nvanherpt for the original 186,000 poly mesh
Turbosquid for arranging permission to convert
Sunalp 2 for improving the template
TIC-TOC For the #171
Nig for his cockpit and tons of help.


GTL ReadMe – Spridget Mod for GT Legends created by Nig

This mod has been lingering around on my HD for a few years now and I’m no longer
working on it, so I thought I’d release it as it stands.

Maybe there are a couple of people out there who might interested in it, so feel free to mod it,
convert it or forget it, what ever. I only ask that my name is mentioned as the guy who built it!

The mod consists of four Sprite MK2’s and four Midget MK1’s and also a painting template
is included, the cars are linked to the stock Mini sounds.


1.Wheels x4
2.Body syle x6
3.Steering wheel x3
4 Cockpit style x3
5.Cockpit chassis x6
6/7.Driver/helmet style
8.Cockpit windows x4

Each car has a Mask.GTL file which contains altered or extra parts for that particular car,
any add on cars will also need this file because it is asked for in the main .cas file, it saves
on having lots of loose files in each car folder.

Just unpack the Spridget_mod .zip file into a seperate folder, inside you’ll find the Spridget
folder, template zip and readme, copy or move the Spridget folder to your GTL TC-65 folder
and everything should work fine.

This car has not been extensively tested and there are many faults,if anybody is interested
enough please be my guest to make changes, this will be my only release of this car.

I’d like to thank Simbin for GTL, Aristotelis for the physics, Se7en for the Biks and Icons,
Gravin for various bits of information and of course NoGrip.

Have fun,

v1.1 – updates by SiGi for (March 2015) :

– fixed flickering parts on external cockpit (LHD GP and HP)
– added Motec
– improved .car files (seat, eyepoint, camera target, feet on pedals etc..)
– added GTR2 default driver (external-internal)
– added individual driver helmets
– adjusted sound volume
– added required files to run the car without SCCA Production Mod

have fun,


Size: 104 MB
Version: 1.1
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