Austin Mini Clubman 1300 GT v1.0

Austin Mini Clubman 1300 GT for GTR2

Released : 03.09.2013

The car is from the game Rally Trophy (see florenzo_readme).
I tried to convert the low poly car from Rally Trophy after GTLegends.

Despite all predictions to the contrary, that the vehicles of Rally Trophy to low poly and low are exactly to convert it to GTL, I am actually quite happy with the result. The cockpit of the car I’ve borrowed from the Mini Cooper from GTL. Made a left-hand drive and some upgraded.

I do not know if the Mini Cooper MkI was used in the 60’s in the race. That’s why I’ve decided to build it as a race / hillclimb car. The cockpit is equipped with advanced analog and digital displays. Some carbon is naturally also installed. Wide tires and aluminum wheels, modern suspension and tire physics were adjusted.

With the engine and gearbox files I have the files of the Ford Escort BDA 1300GT used. Thus, the Austin Mini Clubman 1300GT has power and rear-wheel drive!

The Clubman runs over 200 Km / H in the set of Physic me. But with customizable translation it is also good for hillclimb routes applicable.

Certainly more precision and details would have been possible. But converting the Clubman was just a bet that you also made ?? low poly can convert something for GTL. Just for Fun flat. Without precedent, purely fictitious.

A release of the car was not actually intended by me. When you create a Viedeos for my blog, but the Clubman is in the video seen on the racetrack. There were a few requests for the Clubman in the video, with the request to download.

Well, who can ever say no. There you go there it is. To mark the occasion, I created three skins to the Nürburgring.

“” SAVE THE RING “,” “Legends Sale you can not” I can only agree.

Have fun with the car and sorry for my bad english


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Size: 21 MB
Version: 1.0

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  1. HGT Jean

    pouvez-vous ajouter votre mod pour GTL-GTR2?
    Est-ce possible/compatible?

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