Corsica v1.3

Corsica for GTR2

20 KMs of Corsica for GTR2

Credits :

Original track made for rFactor by madcowie and Border Reiver
GTR2 Conversion with permission by Ron123
GTR2 updates and fixes by BenMK1

updates by BenMk1 :

change-log :

fix v1.30 :

– Teleport and TimeTrial position
– close a hole (serpentine sector 3 first curve)
– full mirror details (old details in corsica.trk_oldMirror)
– integrated Rain reflect
– AI Wet path overwork
– gdb file overwork

fix v1.20 :

– AIW Start/Finish AI rotate fix
– 3 flashing lights on critical position integrated

fix v1.10 :

– Integrated animation for the waterfalls
– I have delete the 2 old barriers and made 4 new barriers (not visible)
– In AIW brake marks overwork, and 2 waypoint correction
– Loading screen: I have corrected the track name from “Corisca” to “Corsica”
– Alternativ corsica.gdb (VenueName: Corsica…, Qual/Race Time set, Max Vehicles = 36, and
– other values corrected or new integrated)

fixed files v1.10 :

– Corsica.gtl
– CorsicaMaps.gtl
– corsica.AIW
– cors_LOD.jpg
– Corsica.gdb_new (for activation, rename to Corsica.gdb)

fix v1.00:

– Pit in and out (cars do not rotate more).
– Pacecar on track and in pit visible.
– Collision with street lamps, signs and posts deactivate. AI cars often crashed with this.
– AI dry line small corrections.
– Brake marks reworked.
– Corner after Tunnel and at km 15 now with a barrier (not visible), so car can not fall in nothing.
– When you not will the barrier, delete the file TRAK154.GMT, TRAK203.GMT and

Install :

Extract with WinRAR or else and drop the Trackfolder
into your GTR2\GameData\Locations directory – done.


Size: 24 MB
Version: 1.3
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