Autobianchi A112 Abarth v1.0

Autobianchi A112 Abarth for GTR2

Released : 15.05.2013

Mod Infos :

The A112 is the first Vehicle in a Series that I have converted from the Game RBR (Richard Burns Rally) to GTR2. The vehicle was built by MokuMoku for RBR and Published. Thanks to the permission of Moku, I have the car converted, revised in some points, supplemented with additional parts, and provided to be integrated into a cockpit GTR2.

As for his Moku RBR Cars also offers templates for dowload, I had the only expand the new parts, which has facilitated a lot of work. The A112 Abarth is Playable in GTR2 in two variants. A series Chassis and a Gr.2 Chassis variant. Two Engines with 90 hp or 125 hp and 4 or 5 Gearbox.

About the GenStrig some selections are possible. Body parts in chrome or color, Gr2 Fender, Race parts, exhaust, bumpers, Headlights, front grille style, window banners and more. A GenString help you get in the car file of the car.

As my skills in Painting is not so good in the A112 Mod only a street and three Group 2 Cars included. Thanks Template I hope for some great skin’s to the little Car.

The GDB’s included with the mod, put the vehicle in the Special Class “FULL” and I created Special Class “Youngtimer Race Weekend” ready to ride.

! IMPORTANT! It is the “speedster63_sounds folder needed to play the car. In the folder where the sound files are for my Mod’s always the same. The sound of the car comes with the mod.

The tests are run in GTR2 well, there have been no problems. To “CTD” crashes, it is also not come. But,still applies to the use of this mod at your own risk! Should you still find a few mistakes, so you can send me an info, or if you can, the error resolve themselves and inform others about the communities.

A version for GTLegens I also Released. (Release 15.05.2013)

For use in other games of the car is: Conversions to other games are permitted. I want to ask is, are commonly referred to in the readme as the creator of the actual GTR2 or GTL mod and it is an edited by me Mod by 3D designers MokuMkou for RBR is.

Since it is on this car is a NON-COMMERCIAL mod, so there’s nothing I Earn, is a Commercial marketing of the mod and all possible conversions prohibited!

Have fun with the car and sorry for my bad english…



Size: 45 MB
Version: 1.0
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