Autodromo Geraldo Backer v1.01

Autodromo Geraldo Backer for GTR2

Conversion from rFactor to GTR2/GTL/Race 07 by Sergio Hundo

Description :

This is my first rFactor conversion, I have a lot to learn from conversions, so I’m open to receiving tips and guidance on what can be improved on this track. I did my best, did tests and evaluated the performance of AI’s in various situations.

The track is short, but it is very disputed and with good driving dynamics and braking in curves. I hope you like it and enjoy my first conversion. Certainly, others will come.

Real Track Infos :

Autódromo Geraldo Backer is a Brazilian race track, located in the neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​in the municipality of Serra, in the state of Espírito Santo. It was conceived and built by businessman Geraldo Backer, known as “Bata”, owner of the BKR gas station network.

In this race track, races such as BKR Turismo, using adapted street cars, BKR Sport Turismo, which uses prototypes like the Aldee, and Formula BKR, which runs with Techspeed single-seaters from Formula São Paulo.

On March 31, 2012, the creator of the categories and creator of the racetrack, businessman Geraldo Backer, Bata dies, due to sudden death, while driving a Techpseed of Formula BKR.[1] With Bata’s death, a lot has changed at the racetrack (which underwent a renovation to conform to the rules of the Brazilian Automobile Confederation (CBA) and in Espírito Santo motorsport. Formula BKR, for example, was already in its last steps, due to the lack of interest of the pilots and the high costs of the category, with the death of Bata, the category in the end, ended, having its cars sold to two Minas Gerais Formula 1.6 teams from Rio Grande do Sul.

change-log :

V. 1.0
– Fixed startlight/startglow. Thanks nezeiges for your fix, help and guidances about it.

V. 1.01
– Fixed green areas inside and outside the pit lane. This one was like “quicksand”. Thanks mirko017 for warn.

Known issues:

– Sometimes, after loading the track, the player’s car has a “light swing”, nothing much, sometimes it is not even noticed, and it is only in the instant after loading the track.

– There are 10 pitspots with 3 garagespots, it should be 11, but I took one because I was giving an error in the positioning of the cars in the Pit. I tested with up to 30 cars on the track.


– The GRIDWAY Race Tracks, for creating this track for the rFactor simulator.
– ISI by rFactor
– SimBin by GTR2 / GTL / Race 07
– To the creators of the programs GEditor, 3dSimED and, who without them would not be able to perform and customize the conversion.
– The patience that has always been with me and has not deserted, was really “patient”.


– To Silvano, from GRIDWAY Race Tracks for granting me permission to convert the track.
– To VeroNC and kikoya for tips and guidance on positioning cars in the Pit.
– To TMSRace for track tests and fix a “dirt” texture.
– To Zwiss for the great and essential guidance on configurations and functionality of the startlight / startglow. Thanks Zwiss once again for your help and dedication.

Thank you very much !

Terms of use:

– This track is under copyright, so do not modify or appropriate it in part or in whole without authorization.
– Don’t make conversion/modify/update/upgrade this version without knowledge and permission from the track’s creator and the track conversion author.

The purpose of all this is to provide entertainment, without any financial or commercial return.

Have fun !

This is enough.


Unzip rar file with Winrar or similar program and paste in Location folder in GTR2. Enjoy !!!

Sergio Hundo



Size: 62,4 MB
Version: 1.01
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