Autopolis v1.0

Autopolis for GTR2

Autopolis is an International Racing Circuit located near Kamitsue village in Oita Prefecture. Opened in 1990, it hosts a range of domestic and international motorsport events throughout the year. Although the track meets a high standard in terms of its facilities it has never hosted a Formula 1 race, due to the circuit ending up in financial difficulties from which it has since recovered.


– AIW fully working in GTR 2
– Cones added to the shortcut road so u won’t make a misstep there
– all textures in dds format
– Rain reflections
– animated objects around the track

known bugs:

– No serious bugs acured during testing of the last beta.


– Track made availible for GTR 2 by DutchDevil
– derDumeklemmer for the GTL conversion
– Katsuo for the rF-Version (
– SLN for the great texture updates (


Storage or Use of this track by installation into a racing simulator constitutes agreement with this and the following statements:

1) This track may not be sold or distributed for commercial purposes, or money exchanged for this track or any part thereof.

2) This track may not be redistributed without written consent of the original author, with exception of the sites listed above.

3) This track cannot be modifed without written consent of the original author.

4) Pieces of this track (not including whole track mesh file) may be extracted and used for other tracks, but cannot be used in projects for commercial purposes, and credit to the original author should appear in a readme that is distributed with the new project.

5) This track must always maintain an unmodified copy of this readme in whatever form it is distributed.

6) This track is covered by implied intellectual property laws, in that it is the property of the author.

7) This track is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;

without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


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Version: 1.0
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