Avus 1967 v1.1

Avus 1967 for GTR2

slightly modified version

Well known legendary German track AVUS. 3 corners, 8,35km lenght. I slightly modified the pit positions, in the original the pits were beside the road track, I put the pits behind the bended curve. Think it is more safe that way.

Original track built for GPLegends by Oversteer, I used that as a base and built all the models and textures regarding this track and authentic photos that I could find on the internet.

Version 1.0, first released.

Known issues:

– Lower frame rates due to intense models and shading. So reduce your shadows and shadows quality in the game setup if you expirience noticable FPS drop.

– Shadow projection are not in proportion with the sun position due to game issues. I orientated the track to absolute North, the game uses tipicaly West as absolute North.

Thanks to:

My dear friend Igor for introducing me to this track.
TKEarly09 from Youtube, from giving me the reason to start doing this. I wouldn’t start doing it, but got lots of spare time then after I hurt my knee badly.
iotatau from Youtube for giving me an excellent picture of the grandstands.
All the guys from RSC forums. Had many problems along, but the guys helped me out with a few of them.
My computer for not crashing too often.

Questions and comments on email.

Jimi-46 (dejan.vrbnjak@gmail.com)

Updates v1.1:

– Fixed shadows of trees
– Added moveable hay bales at the south curve
– fixed south house position
– Renamed the main track folder from AVUS to Avus67
– old pits collision detection added


Size: 27 MB
Version: 1.1
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