Beetle Race Cup v1.2

Beetle Race Cup for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by Grasshopper
Date : 07/10/2007

Model : VW Beetle 1986
Teams : 20

Optional Addon : Beetle Race Cup Tuning Pack

Credits :

– Thanks for the original mod made by Murapi for rFactor. Permission for this GTR2 Conversion was asked, but no answer was ever received.

– Thanks to Goresh for the much improved braking light animations, remapped cockpit mirrors and car shadow fix

– Thanks to Vayn3 for the improved audio file.

– Thanks to Mr Man for creating rain tire compounds.

Installation :

If you installed a previous version of this mod, let it overwrite all the files or delete the old files manually before unpacking the new version.

(remove the “beetle” folders in /GameData/Sounds/ and /GameData/Teams/, remove SIM_BEETLERACE.gdb in /GameData/)

Extract this archive into your GTR2 directory (for example X:\GTR2)

No original game files will be overwritten



Size: 23 MB
Version: 1.2
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