Petersberg Hillclimb v1.4

Petersberg Hillclimb for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by renntom

Credits :

Original Track created by GTAce for rFactor

Track Datas (as of 2012):

Event: Mountain Climbing / Hillclimb
Country: Germany / North Rhine-Westphalia
Length: 3200 meters
Difference in altitude: 235 meters
average slope: 7.35%.

It starts on the highway L331, which leads from Königswinter to Ittenbach, until after about 1,3 km left, up to Petersberg. The first part of the track is very fast and is somewhat defused by two artificial harassment, then left up to the Petersberg, the route characteristics change very much, the road is then much narrower and much curvy.The target is located immediately at the former guard pavilion. The track is real, but the Petersberg race unfortunately not, but this place also has a small motorsports past, because up on the Petersberg is the former Federal Guest House and later Steigenberger Grand Hotel, in which Michael Schumacher married.

recommended GTR2 settings :

– open training

change-log Version 1.4 :

– fixed shadows
– Guard rails aren’t invisible anymore, when seeing them from behind (thanks renntom)
– removed a fence at the pit exit because of the AI (GTR2 only, thanks renntom)
– rescaled a wall texture

Original Infos from rFactor :

Don’t convert, or change this track in any way!
If you want to convert it to another platform or want to edit things like the AIW and CAM files, ask FIRST for permission !
It’s very likely that I’ll give it to you, as long as it improves the track.

How to race :

This track has a maximum grid of 20 cars.
It’s meant to be driven alone, or with at least 15 seconds between the cars, as a pure time attack track.
So just use the normal time trial/free practice mode.
There’s a fully working point-to-point rally timer.
There are no lights (real life road doesn’t have any either), I’d recommend to drive at daytime (more below*).

Known bugs and issues :

– AIW is a bit wonky, if you want to make a new one, please contact me and I can update the track.
– *Some objects don’t reflect light, so the track is really dark at night.
– There are some pop-ups in the background which are unfortunately necessary for performance reasons.
– The track is a bit more FPS heavy than many others, because of all the details. I’ve added some LOD settings (track detail settings), but I don’t know how effective they are.
– No Tree shadows in replays (GTR2 only).

Detailed Credits :

Track layout, terrain modeling, design, road textures, object placing, replay cameras, loading screen, preview picture and track settings screen by GTAce.

Petersberg Grand Hotel, Chapel and the Guard House were built by renntom.

Additional texture work (mapping, shading, materials etc.) by aleksssk.

GTR2 rain reflections by renntom.

All other textures and objects like trees, guard rails, spectators, vehicles etc. used, are from several Xpacks. I don’t know all the individual authors, but I’m very thankful for their work! If you see anything you made and want to be mentioned, feel free to contact me and I’ll add you to the ReadMe file.

The Simca Rally used for the loading screen, is from HistorX Team’s ‘HistorX v1.95’ mod for rFactor (rFactor only).

Special Thanks to :

…my dad, who gave me the idea to use the road while I was searching real roads for a (fictional) hillclimb and for his constructive critics, which helped me a lot.

To my friends Peter (who filmed the real thing for me and helped me out more than he might know) and Lilli (who was patient with him while doing so and who motivated me a lot with her comments).

Also again to renntom and aleksssk, not only for their actual work they’ve put into this, but also for many tips and ideas they gave me and all the motivating comments. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

To all the members of GTPlanet, GTR4U, NoGrip, GTRP and Racedepartment who also motivated me and gave me tips.

Disclaimer :

No one mentioned here in this file is responsible for any damage taken to your hard or software after installing this track. While it’s extremely unlikely, that something bad will happen, it’s definitely not the fault of anyone above if something goes wrong.


Size: 66 MB
Version: 1.4
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