Beranovac v1.0

Beranovac for GTR2

Beranovac one episode of the amazing “behind the iron curtain” track series by Gianni Staraz.
It’s a real life racetrack in Serbia (Kraljevo), again with a lot of artistic freedom on Trackside objects.

This is known to be a very dangerous track for Drivers and spectators (google: bearanovac)
Since I`doing all the job by myself, there is a a probability that I missed some small bugs.


– Scene Lighting
– Morning and Evening Fog
– Rain reflections
– Night lights
– Working Start-/PitIn-/Pitoutlights
– 80 Garage spots
– Full featured GTR2 AIW for 80 cars
– Multi texture environment mapping


– Gianni Staraz


– derDumeklemmer for being such a nice person
– Brendon Pywell for Bob`s track buider
– Dave Noonan for 3dSimEd&Trkmaker
– ISI for rFactor, the Gmotor2 engine and the documentation about
– SimBin for all the great SIMs
– My girlfriend for her patience and understanding.


– discover it 😉


I am offering the result of all my working hours free of charge, but I ask for one single fee from the user…

Pls. give a little respect to all these working hours spent by myself this version:

This project is a “take it as it is, or leave it”-release. Pls. see EULA for more detailed information.

Pls. feel free to post comments/whishes/critics at


2010-02-xx V1.0
– initial release for GTL

2010-02-xx V1.0
– initial release for GTR2

have a lot of fun with this track,
Gianni Staraz


For the moment, this track can be used for testing purposes only, no conversions are allowed for now. For hosting this track on any server, (except Nogrip, Bierbuden and Gamers Crib) a written permission should be obtained. This track can not be distributed as a standalone or as a part of any game, without a prior agreement with the author (Gianni Staraz).

The only person allowed to modify this release is derDumeklemmer.


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Version: 1.0
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