Birmingham SuperPrix Night v0.89

Birmingham SuperPrix Night for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion & updates by motorFX

released : 13/05/2008

this just purely a dedicated Night version of the Birmingham superprix track, all streetlights are now working, a few extra added, but also most buildings are adapted to portray the city open for business all practice and qualify times are set to run duiring the late evening hours, but for Race starts, you may have to set the start time manually to 23:00 just for the novelty of Night Racing in the the city.

have more fun

regards Ken


Readme 01/05/2008

Madcowie, made this track for Nascar2003 about 5 years ago, permission was sought from him a long time ago, to have it in rFactor and recently I got around to doing it with the intention of using the F3000 and touring cars in Race07, and we thought some may like it in GTR2, updated and reworked for GTR2 and Race07.

I meant to post the updated aiw and the changes to startlights for gtr2 version, (“Wee Eck” helped saved me some time, by placing them in the track for me sometime ago) and has Uwe asked about having this track in GTL, it kinda prompted me to do the updates I had promised myself, I`ve added some new models and extra objects, to help the immersion factor.

– thanks to my nephew Gary, who happened to have an older world circuits book
– thanks to Mark and Terry for tracking down the superprix film clips …
– thanks to Pirenzo , who has since made a gpl version

it all enabled me to remodel some new objects to add to this!

so heres an heavily updated version :

I have reduced the poly count on most of the larger track sections to help further FPS seperated objects from the track section, now all above are seperate GMTs’ so shadows work better and objects are`nt built into hat file, manhole covers now interact with FFB, added static marshalls for rfactorversion, (other versions using animated marshalls), made some new models, the main ones are the garages, and the addition of the underpass, the mosque, and few others, added more trees around some sections, remapped and tidied up some of the buildings, added rooves on some , added a few new buildings that were there at the time of the event, updated aiw, partly to enable the use of 45 garages and the way cars join the track.

Install :

before installing and running the new track, please remove the earlier birmingham superprix hat file from your UserData/log folder

hope you like the improvements and find they add more to the immersion value

regards Ken


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Version: 0.89
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