BMW E90 WTCC 2006 Mod v1.1

BMW E90 WTCC 2006 Mod for GTR2

Mod created by thome

This is a free Mod for GTR2 by Simbin. Use it at your own risk.
To install “BMW E90 MOD” you will need approximately 75MB of free disk space.

Modifications to v1.0:

– 3D-Modell optimized
– Bump Mapping integrated (Paints from v1.0 must be overworked !)
– Setup optimized
– completely new sounds by DucFreak, many thanks! (overworked by thome)
– many little things


Before installing this v.1.1 please uninstall v.1.0!
Search and extract these files in your GTR2 root directory (folder).
Chose or disable the location of the uninstall shortcut in your Start Menu folder.
No Files will be overwrite!

included BMW E90 models:

– engine: 2.0L 4-Cylinders
– power: 275 hp
– torque: 242 Nm
– weight: 1100 kg

12 skins:

– BMW Team Deutschland, Dirk and Jörg Müller
– BMW Team Italy-Spain, Alessandro Zanardy, Marcel Costa and Duncan Huisman
– BMW Team Motorsport, Hans-Joachim Stuck and Pedro Lamy (fiction)
– BMW Team UK, Andy Priaulx and Jan Magnussen
– Proteam Motorsport, Luca Rangoni
– Wiechers-Sport, Emmet O’Brien and Diego Romanini
– Templates to create your own skins, save as DXT5!

Keep always fair racing,


End User License Agreement (EULA)

By installing “BMW E90 MOD” for GTR2 you accept this EULA.
Therefore please read this agreement carefully before installing.


This “BMW E90 MOD” is a modification for Simbin’s GTR2.
These cars are completly created and developed by thome.
It was a very long building time and work so please respect the restrictions.


This is not an official product of the FIA.
This mod is not for profit and may not be used for commercial purposes.
There is no relationship with any of the teams or sponsors.

Property and restrictions:

This “BMW E90 MOD” is property of thome.
It is protected by the copyright agreements and the laws for protection of
intellectual property. Any offence against these rights can result in civil
or criminal charges.

The user is not allowed to modify the 3D model.
The user has no permission to release or change things of this cars.
Don’t convert part’s of this carset to every other Game as GTR2.
This mod may not be profited from commercially by a third party.

User rights:

The free distributing of this modification is permitted.
The creating of new skins and teams, contained in the “BMW E90 MOD”,
is permitted.


Use this mod at your own risk. Should the user not be able to use the software,
the author cannot be made responsible for this and any damages.

Thank you to respect my work,


Race – The WTCC Game, © 2006 SIMBIM STUDIOS AB.
Race is a Trademark of SIMBIM STUDIOS AB.



Size: 71 MB
Version: 1.1
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