BMW M3 E92 GTS 2015 v2.0

BMW M3 E92 GTS 2015 for GTR2

Mod created by W├╝stenfuchs

Credits :

3D Model by SimBin (from BMW M3 Challenge)
Mod erstellt von / created by W├╝stenfuchs @ S.Hannappel

Car Infos from german Wiki (translated with google) :

In November 2009, M GmbH presented the BMW M3 GTS, the direct successor to the M3 CSL (E46). The model was limited to 150 units and offered at a price of ÔéČ 136,850. The lightweight M3 weighs only 1530 kilograms (according to DIN, equivalent to 1605 kg to EU standard) – which corresponds to a weight saving of 50 kilograms compared to the standard M3. The displacement of the engine was increased by a larger piston stroke to 4.4 liters, the power increased to 331 kW.

Instead of the rear seats can be found in the GTS behind the B-pillar a screwed roll bar, which can be extended to a full roll cage. The body provides mounting points for the installation of racing-grade four- or six-point safety belts from Schroth. In addition, behind the front seats also a mounting option for a fire extinguisher attached.

The BMW M3 GTS was built individually in the BMW Motorsport Manufactory to customer order and initially approved for individual road traffic in Germany. The first models were delivered from May 2010.

As a saloon counterpart to the M3 GTS, BMW introduced the 2011 M3 CRT, which was sold in 67 copies from 2012 onwards. The abbreviation CRT stands for Carbon Racing Technology and indicates the weight loss of about 70 kg compared to a similarly equipped series M3 sedan. The sedan is powered by the engine of the BMW M3 GTS, compared to this, the CRT but no roll cage and 4-point belts are installed. Striking are the M3 CRT especially the silver-matt finish, red color accents on the body and in the interior, and a titanium exhaust system.

Mod Description :

Hier ist der BMW M3 GTS,

Dieser Wagen wurde in monatlichen kleinen, aber feinen Arbeiten entwickelt. Die jeweiligen Fahrzeugdaten wurden von dem Vorbild des Originals ├╝bernommen. Dieses Fahrzeug ist ausschlie├člich f├╝r den privaten Gebrauch gedacht.

Der Wagen darf auch nicht ohne Einverst├Ąndnis von W├╝stenfuchs (S.Hannappel) ver├Ąndert oder modifiziert werden !

Trotzdem w├╝nschen wir euch viel spa├č mit dem BMW !

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Size: 18 MB
Version: 2.0
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