BMW M3 GTR modified Template v1.0

BMW M3 GTR modified Template

Modified Template for the default GTR2 BMW M3 GTR

created by ScHigGn

Description (german) :

Bei diesem Template könnt ihr frei wählen ob ihr z.B. die Lufthudzen, Halterungen oder das Auspuffblech haben wollt oder nicht. Ich habe das so gemacht, das sie durch einen Klick zu entfernen sind.

Die entferten Objekte müssen auch auf der Body_Mask entvernet werden. Hier geht das nun ebenfalls mit einem Klick. Auf der MASK musst das gemacht werden, damit ach der Glanz stimmt.

Windows werden auch noch bald folgen…

viel Spaß damit.


Nutzt ihr die Body_Mask auch, so empfehle ich euch, einen Komplett neuen BMW zu erstellen, mitsammt den dazugehörigen *.gtr Dateien, da sonst alle BMW´s den gleichen Glanz haben. Die BODY_MASK muss einfach in den Jeweiligen Team´s Ordner kopiert werden oder in die BMWM3_GTR_TEX.gtr eingefügt werden.

Bitte teil mit mir, ob ihr noch verbesserungsvorschläge habt, damit ich sie in meine volgenden Templates mit einbeziehen kann.

Size: 4,7 MB
Version: 1.0
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8 Thoughts to “BMW M3 GTR modified Template v1.0”

  1. hello Dayrton,

    i use the nvidia dds plugin for Photoshop – you can download the latest version here :

    make sure that you download the correct version for your Operating System (32 or 64bit) – run the setup and follow the installation instruction. when finished, open Photoshop, open your windows file and check if you now have under “Save as” the file format .dds.

    select now for saving .dds and change the following settings in the nvidia dds window : click on “Mip Map Filtering” and select “Blackman” as File Type – with it, your dds plugin is optimized to save files for GTR2.

    now you can save all your files like i descriped in my previous post.


    1. Many-many big thanks SiGi !
      I hope to be back soon with a final good work !

  2. Thank fot the tips SiGi !
    I’m going to work soon (just finished a new body!).

    ( )

  3. Thank you very much for this work!
    I wait for the windows impatiently!
    I have a question. I found a file “” which allows to place a banner on the windshield to be seen from the inside upside down. It’s a rectangle of 1024×128 with the text upside down. But for the front banner, I have nothing and if I write on it, the windows are no longer transparent … Is there a special file for that?

    1. hello Dayrton – the windows banners can be painted with the default BMW M3 GTR template from GTR2. it’s called “BMW_M3GTR_WINDOWS.psd” – if you don’t have this, wait a few days cause i will add here all default GTR2 car templates in some days 😉

      1. Thanks to answer SiGi. I have an old file “BMW_M3GTR_WINDOWS.psd” recovered but it may not be the right one. In any case, when I write on it, after recording in DTX5, the windows are no longer transparent. In any case, thank you for your great job !

        1. there are 2 ways to save the windows textures right :

          1. before saving the windows psd file as .dds, make first sure that all layers are merged to one. for that, select in Photoshop “Layers” in the Top Menu and choose “reduce to background layer”.

          then save it as .dds and choose “DXT5 ARGB 8 bpp interpolated alpha” and for Mip Maps choose “Generate MIP maps” – also enter in the line below “Use existing MIP maps” the value 6.

          2. the second possibility is to save the the psd file as .tga – with it, you do not have to merge the layers – simple save the windows file as .tga (Targa) – make sure that there is a hook on “alpha channels” and save it with 32 bit.

          then load the .tga file to Photoshop and save it as .dds as already described above.


          1. Hi SiGi and thanks again. I tried but not able to edit the banners with any of the two tips…But I do not have the same interface in Photoshop and no “DXT5 ARGB 8 bpp”…
            The only way to have clear windows is without any text. With text, watch it:
            I’m probably to stupid lol.

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