Brands Hatch 90s v1.1

Brands Hatch 90s for GTR2

Track reworked by GTP_Furinkazen

Edit of the Brands Hatch 2005 track to take it back to the 1990’s feel of the Super Touring era. This has been available as a track pack for the GTR2 Super Touring Mod for some time but now I have decided to start releasing the full pack under “90’s” series name. Full credit to lasercutter and zwiss for the original circuit.

The track is not intended to be authentic to a specific year but rather blend together all years of the decade to form a general 1990s feel. This includes changes to the colouration of the track
surfaces and textures as well for a slightly less polished, more gritty feel. For Brands Hatch the majority of source material I had dated from 1998-2000 so this time period is what the track looks most accurately in period. Also Graham Hill Bend was in a different faster configuration before 1999.

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Drop into your “gamedata/locations” directory in GTR2.


~Fix of track marshal bug.

for more infos see included ReadMe file…


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Version: 1.1
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