Bridgehampton 1967 v1.0

Bridgehampton 1967 for GTR2

Track created by Cam. (TICTOC)

Track-Infos :

Bridgehampton Racing Circuit, Long Island New York,stood at the pinnacle of American car racing during the golden age of the sport in the 50s and 60s. They called it “The Bridge” and mostly they loved and feared the place. Stirling Moss called it the “most challenging course in America ” and routinely it embarrassed world class drivers during the heyday of the Can-Am, Trans-Am and international sports car races. It was a place of wonderfully diabolical natural beauty.

The original GPL circuit was created by Lou Magyar, and a fantastic job he did of this classic circuit. The rFactor conversion of Lou’s work was done by Bud Lucas and Camel. After converting the circuit to GT Legends here is the track for GTR2, with all the expected bells and whisltes.


Lou Magyar for the original GPL circuit.
Bud Lucas and Camel for the rFactor version of the circuit, and permission to convert it to GTR2.
Sunalp2 for animated mashalls and pit garage and grid adjustments of the A.I.W file, and answering countless questions with patience and knowledge.
Neel Jani for bridges and flag box shadows, AIW tweaking for GTR2 and grid walk.
Big thanks to the NoGrip community for many tutorials and threads giving valuable information to anyone wishing to tinker with the sims we enjoy.

Please see the original rFactor conversion readme in the download, as well as ‘The Master of Bridgehampton’ word doc telling a great story of the circuit and Walt Hansgren, the Master of Bridgehampton.

I hope you enjoy driving at Bridgehampton Raceing Circuit as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it for the past few months.

To install:

Copy the ’67_Bridgehampton’ folder to your ‘GTR2\GameData\Locations’ folder.
The track is listed as ‘Bridgehampton 1967’.


Size: 21 MB
Version: 1.0
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