Bridgehampton v2.0

Bridgehampton for GTR2

Track modeling: B.Dibble
CAM Files: Umma Gumma

This Bridgehampton is an original track created in Bob’s Track Builder, pains-takingly modeled after the world-famous Bridgehampton Race Circuit, circa 1967.

Steve Smith and I have spent many hours adjusting the track geometry and test driving this version to produce a driving experience as close to that of the actual track as our modest computer-modeling skills allow.

Horizon images: Bud Lucas (borrowed from Bud’s excellent rFactor version of this track with his kind permission)


Steve (Toonces) Smith, Kurt (von Kliest) Dibble, Greg (Greg7) Davis, Umma Gumma, et alia.

We wish to thank Brendon Pywell for his wonderful Bob’s Track Builder, without which we could not even dream of building tracks, and the following individuals for publishing BTB Xpacks containing textures and objects used in constructing this track: EnnisFargis, Jay_P-666, WierdBeard, Chub Pearson, and Big Carva.


unzip to the “\GameData\Locations” subdirectory


Size: 65 MB
Version: 2.0
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