Bristol Oval v1.1

Bristol Oval for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion & updates by N2LO

Bristol Oval Motor Speedway

update version 1.1 :

This update allows cautions and adds Flag Marshals to Bristol Oval.
Also enables the walkthrough camera at the beginning of a race.

Bristol v1.0

Once again this is one of those tracks I downloaded for rFactor awhile back
and it has no readme. I would like to thank the original converter.

Track has starting lights, rain reflections, working pacecar, working pitlights
Also I may add night lights later.

Installation :

Just extract this folder into your GameData\Locations folder.

Notes :

When pitting, you must enter pits on the backstretch, off turn 2 and go all the way around and exit at turn 1.

Bristol isn’t a good track to race the AI with. The AI likes to cut the turns too much and they have a hard time dealing with the constant merging traffic from the pits. But Bristol is my favorite track and I wanted to race in the rain here is the reason I converted it.

Have fun. Thanks to RacerM for his tutorial, David Noonan for 3Dsimed and
his tutorials. Also thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on the beta version.


Size: 19 MB
Version: 1.1

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