Bucharest Ring v1.3

Bucharest Ring for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion & updates by ken (motorFX)

Bucharest street circuit as used by the FIA GT and previously has been used by the British Formula 3 Championship. this was the track that was started by AlexEase for Rfactor.

quite a few years back. now in 2012 this is a new version 1.2 with some of the changes I did to race in GTR2 and I put in the RACE series. now remodelled a lot more of the layout, opened up the chicanes and kinks. it should be a bit easier to race with some mods.

i had a great test race in F3000’s in RACEOn but still would’nt recommend using a high aggression setting for the ai, lots of new textures made for the trees, banners, walls, and roads, also a grid section added to road. GTR2 style lights, new Aiw, new cameras (bearing in mind I would be the first to admit that they are not my forte), includes rain reflections and animated marshals…

Version 1.3 :

After putting the track into other formats I found needed to change a few things. had to make new grid sections, (its still only for 26 cars) so cars lined up with more space, which meant altering the walls at 1st turn as they arrived their a lot faster, but cars make it through that a bit easier now. moved the safety car’s position, as some cars could bump into it leaving the pits. plus added some other extras…

I think it was in 2008, a friend of Alex’s, who could just about write emails in English, asked me to put that wip into GTR2 for them to see how it looked with rain and animated marshals. it was suggested that I release it then, but at the time the first conversion was just a quick go at putting the track into GTR2, but before any kind of public release I wanted to verify that it was okay to release via the broken english. plus I needed to optomise the track further as it was very heavy on FPS. after short while I remodelled all the large objects and I gave it to a few friends to try out. and it was released in a few places.



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Version: 1.3
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