Cadwell Park v2.1

Cadwell Park for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion & updates by ken (motorFX)

updates v2.1 :

* new Road Textures, and odd tree textures
* Redone all guardrails
* fixed some flashing textures ,and wrong transparency on odd banners and barriers
* added new AI
* added new shadows

Track Infos :

The first events were held in 1934 and club events are still held there today. A narrow older style track layout make this one tricky to master. This track was originally created for GPL by Geoff Oliver and a superb job was made of it. this track from the 1965 version initially converted to rfactor by myself and phil, to a more updated current era, phil skillfully used an early version of trackmaker to convert the original track , which was left aside waiting for an ai, but thanks to ISI for giving us the AIW editor.

I was able to make the AIW file firstly for the original layout, then the later versions. but still found running more cars than 19 could cause problems on the narrow roadways. so its recommended to only run with that many….

Much of the original gpl model was modified by myself, including the inner grass areas, banking, buildings, new trees and a lot of the track itself was changed in max, along with most of the textures to make it more suitable for rFactor. Some of the older buildings/objects have been left to hopefully retain some of the tracks old style charm.

Initially I made the pits and placed them in the original paddock area (left in) but before the first rfactor release, I added the new pit area, to the current start/finish straight, complete with the temporary tents used at current events.

remade the aiw with latest aiw editor, (driving the track with the bumpiness in place to create the 78second fast path). As in the real track certain areas of the track were made to try and represent the fallen leaves and wet patches, near trees, in the first version the surface was given bumpiness, but to most that raced it, although it added a challenge, it did cause a lot of requests to have it smoothed, so in these later versions for release to GTL and GTR2. I`ve remade the materials, but included the areas in the textures again…

originally there was nobody able to offer a camera file for this track, so after a few attempts using the camera toolbox, tool. I made the camera file it has now, but maybe someone like “Thorston” or “Luigi”, will be able to improve further…

huge thanks to GEOFF OLIVER for making this track possible !



20th March 2007


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Version: 2.1
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