Calder Park v0.8

Calder Park for GTR2

Calder Park Raceway (Grand Prix Circuit)

Version : 0.80 beta
release date : 12 Feb. 2008

Calder Park Raceway: The home of The Australian Motorsport Club!


Thanks to all involved, past and present!

Original track (NR2003): Steve Whitty
rFactor conversion (i.e., source material for GTR2 version):
Hugh Jarse & PvtStash
rFactor-to-GTR2 conversion: Forza
Loading & track screens for GTR2 conversion: Betty Swollox
AIW file: Greybrad

UTILITIES used in this conversion

“Converting rFactor tracks to GTL/GTR” (RacerM)
3DSimEd v. 1.16c (Dave Noonan)
GEditor v 0.35 (Locutus)


v. 0.80 beta
– Added GTR2-optimised AIW file by Greybrad, including rolling starts and
– correct pitlane spawns.

v. 0.74 beta
– Straight conversion of rFactor track to GTR2 using above referenced material.
– Permissions requested and granted by original track author Steve Whitty and
– rFactor convertor PvTStash.
– GTR2-spec loading screens requested and obtained from Betty Swollox.
– Initial GTR2 conversion testing … suitable for public beta release prior to
– further development.


– No animated AMC track marshalls
– No Rain reflections
– No National, Club, or Thunderdome track variants included


Thanks for racing at Calder Park! This track represents my (i.e., Forza’s) initial effort into track conversion. At this time, Calder Park is operational, but not fully optimised for GTR2. So don’t expect to see volunteers from the Australian Motorsport Club showing you the yellow flag on any corners or the great Peter Brock flying past on a perfected racing line. And don’t go looking for the Thunderdome – it hasn’t been built yet!

In short, this version of Calder Park is in about the same shape as when Bob Jane acquired the Club circuit in 1974. Hopefully, in future GTR2 versions, Calder Park will be brought up to standards to host an Australian Grand Prix! In the meantime, enjoy this seminal version – and by all means, race her in the wet !

A final thanks to Steve, PvtStash, Hugh, Betty, & Greybrad.




Size: 12 MB
Version: 0.8 beta
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