Circuito Monteblanco v1.0

Circuito Monteblanco for GTR2

Track created by Paulmarc

Virtual Track Infos :

I made this track from scratch some years ago. It is available for several sims (rfactor1, rfactor2, Race07, GTL, etc). This is the GTR2 version. It includes all GTR2 features : rain reflection, marshals, time trial enabled, etc. You can drive the track in 10 different layouts.

This GTR2 version features 10 layouts.

About the GTR2 Version :

Why GTR2 ? Simply because it is the sim I use most of the time and from my point of view it is still the best one.


This real circuit has been designed to be a perfect tool for professional motor sports, for holding corporate events and organizing events and competitions programs. Being approved FIA T1 (F1 testing) and the FIA Grade 2 (runs until GP2), located in the south of Spain, Circuit Monteblanco is perfect for holding events throughout the year, thanks to the good conditions place weather. One of the most interesting features of Monteblanco Circuit is Versatility. The track offers 26 different configurations depending on the type of vehicles being used, the event, or the type of testing being carried out.

The facilities are highly flexible, offering 12 possible combinations for simultaneously using 2 completely independent tracks, both with their respective pit-lanes. Thus, allowing for 2 different activities to be carried out independently at the same time.


Unzip and drop the “CircuitoMonteblanco” folder into the locations folder in GTR2.

More info and updates:

Paulmarc Tracks 2018


Size: 78 MB
Version: 1.0
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